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Wisdom at Your Fingertips

16 May 2024

84000’s primary mission is to translate the Buddhist canon for diverse audiences–monastics and scholars as well as practitioners and general readers–while taking great care to make those translations accurate, available, and accessible. At the same time, 84000 strives to create a seamless and user-friendly reading experience that enhances the reader’s understanding.
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In Focus: Sūtras for Well-Being

18 Nov 2020

In response to 2020’s unique challenges, our first fully, digital outreach initiative—Sūtras for Well-Being—supports our global community in feeling inspired, connected, and uplifted, offering a multimedia look at the sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and well-being in times of adversity, and the stories behind them.
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Language, Philology, and the Motif of the Courtesan

20 Apr 2020

Professor Jens Braarvig talks to us about his translation of ‘The Miraculous Play of Mañjuśri’ – a Mahāyāna sūtra that unfolds within a story about a courtesan and a wealthy, banker’s son – as well as the importance of language and philology in Buddhist studies.
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