Sūtras for Well-Being

The Sūtras for Well-Being series shares a curated selection of texts from the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, and offers our friends a multimedia look at the sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and well-being in times of adversity, and the stories behind them.

As people around the world entered into successive waves of Coronavirus-induced uncertainty and sufferings, we had many of our friends and followers asking us for inspiring content to help get us through this challenging time of distancing, quarantines, and lockdowns. In June, we launched Sūtras for Well-Being.

This series shares the stories behind these beautiful texts and the mantras within them that have traditionally focused minds in times of uncertainty. In addition to the translations we provide, we share audio tracks of these texts chanted in Tibetan by a teacher of the living tradition, and recited in English, by one of our general readers; as well as videos in which academics share their learned insights with us too.

This balanced representation—of teacher, academic, and reader—is essential in creating a quality of inclusivity and accessibility, allowing everyone to connect, and to be inspired.

We hope that these digital offerings help bring compassion and inspiration to all, a little bit of relief to those that need, a reminder to remain cognizant of the fact that all things will pass, and above all, we hope that this series may be a meaningful source of resilience and well-being for everyone.