Teachings on Sūtra

It is with great joy that we hear of teachers of the Buddhadharma teaching from the sūtras and using our publications as guide material for their students. As we receive these precious words of wisdom, we share them with you here.

This webinar series draws upon our translated collection of the Tibetan Buddhist canon and explores key themes from the sutras. Each event brings in teachers of the Buddhadharma to speak about the theme with reference to specific texts in the Kangyur, and takes place on what are considered to be the four most auspicious days of the Buddhist calendar: Celebration of the Buddha’s Miracles (Chötrul Düchen), Celebration of the Buddha’s Birth, Awakening, and Parinirvāṇa (Saga Dawa), Celebration of the Buddha’s Teachings (Chökor Düchen), and Celebration of the Buddha’s Return from the Realms of the Gods (Lhabab Düchen).

We hope this compilation of teachings helps to strengthen the connections between practitioners and the words of the Buddha.