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84000 is a global non-profit initiative to translate all of the Buddha’s words into modern languages and provide free and open access to over 230,000 pages. Emphasizing engaging and interactive comprehension tools, and through collaborating with like-minded organizations and institutions, 84000 is creating an essential new resource for primary-source scholarship, independent study, and personal practice.

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The Dhāraṇī for a Caitya
3 Feb 2023

The Dhāraṇī for a Caitya is a short manual on the ritual preparation for and casting of small caityas from clay. The ritual has three main parts: a description of the general transformative power of the dhāraṇī, the preparation rituals for the ground and clay, and rituals for the consecration of the cast images.
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What Mendicants Hold Most Dear
20 Jan 2023

What Mendicants Hold Most Dear contains the Buddha’s answer to a question by Upāli, the Buddha’s foremost disciple in knowledge and mastery of the Vinaya. Upāli asks the Buddha to teach about the nature, types, and obligations of mendicants and about the meaning of this term.
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The Basket without Words, The Illuminator’s Matrix
6 Jan 2023

The Basket without Words, The Illuminator’s Matrix unfolds in Rājagṛha on Vulture Peak, where the Buddha is dwelling with a great assembly. The bodhisattva Viśeṣacintin requests the Buddha to give a teaching on two words and asks him to explain one factor that bodhisattvas should abandon, one quality that encompasses all the foundations of the training when safeguarded by bodhisattvas, and one phenomenon to which thus-gone ones truly and perfectly awaken.
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眾籌計畫|點亮心燈 傳譯般若
1 Jan 2023

《般若波羅蜜多十萬頌》這部經承載著大乘佛教的核心教義,是佛陀言教中極為重要且篇幅最長的經典之一, 亦是般若波羅蜜多經典於人間所得中最長篇的,記載了佛陀於靈鷲山長達30年裡最詳盡的傳法開示。

2023年1月1日,我們將啟動「點亮心燈 傳譯般若」眾籌計畫,以期將這一萬頁經典完整地翻譯成英文並出版!這部經的篇幅佔《甘珠爾》經典的15%,預計翻譯出版週期將為5-8年。在一些護持者的發心贊助下,大部份經費已經籌獲,餘款將以眾籌方式廣邀十方大眾共植福田,共同成就將英文版經典首次呈現世間的功德!
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The Dhāraṇī of Agrapradīpa
16 Dec 2022

The Noble King of Spells, the Dhāraṇī of Agrapradīpa presents six distinct dhāraṇī formulas that can be used for protection from threatening forces and illness, to facilitate the path to awakening, and to bring the practitioner into harmony with other beings.
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The Dhāraṇī for Secret Relics
9 Dec 2022

On his way to honor a brahmin’s invitation for a midday meal, the Buddha comes across an old stūpa that resembles a rubbish heap. Subsequently, while in conversation with Vajrapāṇi, the Buddha reveals that the stūpa contains the doctrinal synopsis for a dhāraṇī that embodies the essence of the blessings of innumerable buddhas. He also explains that the stūpa is, in fact, made of precious materials and that its lowly appearance is merely due to the lack of beings’ merit.
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The Seer Vyāsa’s Questions
2 Dec 2022

In The Seer Vyāsa’s Questions, a great seer named Vyāsa, a non-Buddhist mendicant, approaches the Buddha with a large group of followers to inquire about the karmic results of giving. Some of the key points taught in this sūtra are such karmic results and the distinction between pure and impure giving.
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Five New Publications
18 Nov 2022
Today, we published five new publications from the Action Tantra section of the Kangyur, which provide an alternative origin story and include ritual manuals that detail various forms of practice using the dhāraṇī, particularly to prolong life and prevent unfavorable rebirths.
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Evaluating Whether Progress is Certain or Uncertain
10 Nov 2022

In this sūtra, Mañjuśrī asks the Buddha about the factors that make it either certain or not certain that a bodhisattva will attain unsurpassable, perfect awakening. In response, the Buddha describes five ways in which bodhisattvas may or may not make progress on the path.
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