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A global non-profit initiative to translate the Buddha’s words from the Tibetan Buddhist Canon into modern languages, and to make them available to everyone.

As a grants-based translation project and online publication house, we leverage and integrate new technologies to make our digital library of the Buddha’s wisdom as accessible and beneficial as possible to readers, practitioners, and scholars around the world.

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About the Project

Our Work

With a strong editorial team, we award text-specific grants to translation teams around the world, working collaboratively to ensure accurate and credible translations of Classical Tibetan Buddhist texts that will form a cohesive Canon upon completion. We integrate new publication technologies in order to deliver these 231,800 pages of the wisdom to you, in English, online, for free.

Our Impact

As of 2010, only 5% of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon had been translated out of Classical Tibetan—a language facing a serious threat to its survival. In ten years, we have published or have in-translation over 36,000 pages of the Kangyur, not only making deeper international academic inquiry possible, but as our readership grows around the world, we put the wisdom that the Canon contains at the fingertips of readers like you.

Our People

Our work relies upon the dedicated and collaborative effort of scholars, professionals, volunteers, advisors, and sponsors around the world. We work remotely and online, across timezones and continents, and we greatly value each and every member of our team. This virtual teamwork has been a major source of both pride and humility as we produce accurate and credible translations and make them available to you online, for free.

Still have questions?

There are more answers in our frequently asked questions, such as "What are the Kangyur and Tengyur?", "What else do you do other than translate?", and "How can I get involved?"



Cultivating Trust in the Great Vehicle

19 Nov 2020

Cultivating Trust in the Great Vehicle unfolds at Vulture Peak Mountain, where the Buddha, surrounded by a great number of bodhisattvas from the human and nonhuman realms and many monks and limitless other beings, gives a discourse on the nature of trust in the Great Vehicle. Read more »

18 Nov 2020

Imagine if your to-do list had 4,500 items on it. Ours does. The people who direct and manage the process of reviewing the translations, editing, proofreading, and marking them up, are the members of our growing Editorial Team. As far as we are concerned, they are the heart of 84000. Read more »

18 Nov 2020

In response to 2020’s unique challenges, our first fully, digital outreach initiative—Sūtras for Well-Being—supports our global community in feeling inspired, connected, and uplifted, offering a multimedia look at the sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and well-being in times of adversity, and the stories behind them. Read more »

18 Nov 2020

It feels somewhat bittersweet to share the news that after eleven years helping to incubate, develop, and advise 84000, Cangioli Che is stepping down from the Executive Committee. Since 2009, Cangioli has been instrumental in building the foundations to allow 84000 to become what we are today. Read more »


The Jewel Mine

12 Nov 2020

The overarching principle in The Jewel Mine is the understanding that there have been innumerable buddhas before the Buddha Śākyamuni, and that there will be an infinite number of buddhas after him, each presiding over their individual buddha realms. Read more »


The Questions of Guṇaratnasaṅkusumita

5 Nov 2020

In The Questions of Guṇaratnasaṅkusumita, the sūtra’s interlocutor, Guṇaratnasaṅkusumita, asks the Buddha Śākyamuni whether there might be other buddhas in other realms whose names carry the power to produce awakening. Read more »


The Questions of the Nāga King Sāgara (2)

29 Oct 2020

The Questions of the Nāga King Sāgara takes place in the unusual setting of the nāga king Sāgara’s court deep in the ocean. Here the Buddha gives a discourse on the importance of avoiding the ten nonvirtuous deeds. Read more »


The Chapter Teaching the Purification of Boundless Gateways

22 Oct 2020

The Chapter Teaching the Purification of Boundless Gateways is the second scripture among the forty-nine sūtras included in the Heap of Jewels (Ratnakūṭa) collection in the Degé Kangyur. The sūtra takes the form of a conversation between the Buddha and the bodhisattva Anantavyūha. Read more »


The Questions of Brahmadatta

15 Oct 2020

The Questions of Brahmadatta begins with the bodhisattva Amoghadarśin departing from the Jeta Grove of Śrāvastī, where the Buddha is residing. Together with more than five hundred bodhisattvas, he travels to the region of Pañcāla, where King Brahmadatta requests Amoghadarśin to impart teachings to him and his citizens. Read more »


The Questions of Pratibhānamati

8 Oct 2020

The subject matter of this sūtra is indicated by the alternative title suggested by the Buddha himself in its conclusion: The Teaching That Clarifies Karma. In the opening section, the merchant Pratibhānamati, expresses concern about the state of society and what will become of the saṅgha in times to come. Read more »


The Absorption of the Miraculous Ascertainment of Peace

1 Oct 2020

The Absorption of the Miraculous Ascertainment of Peace provides a profound and detailed survey of how all the abilities, attainments, and other qualities of the bodhisattva’s path arise as the bodhisattva’s understanding and realization of what is meant by the Thus-Gone One unfold. Read more »