December 2021


30 Dec 2021

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Designing for Wisdom | Behind our 2021 Edition of The Hundred Deeds

28 Dec 2021

This past Saga Dawa, we enlisted the pro-bono help of Li Yijing (李一静) to design the layout of a special edition publication of one of our favorite sūtras, The Hundred Deeds. Here, Yijing shares her experience of coming into the Dharma, getting creative with the sūtras, and the challenges of spearheading a truly global project in the middle of a pandemic. Please join us in thanking Yijing and her team for their beautiful offering.
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23 Dec 2021

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New Publication: The Sūtra on Transmigration Through Existences

16 Dec 2021

King Śreṇya Bimbisāra of Magadha approaches the Buddha and asks him how a past action can appear before the mind at the moment of death. The Buddha presents the analogy of a sleeping person who dreams of a beautiful woman and on waking foolishly longs to find her. He cites this as an example of how an action of the distant past, which has arisen from perception and subsequent afflictive emotions and then ceased, appears to the mind on the brink of death.
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New Publication: Mañjuśrī’s Teaching

9 Dec 2021

The bodhisattva Mañjuśrī approaches the Buddha, who is teaching the Dharma in Śrāvastī, and offers him the shade of a jeweled parasol. The god Susīma, who is in the audience, asks Mañjuśrī whether he is satisfied with his offering, to which Mañjuśrī replies that those who seek enlightenment should never be content with making offerings to the Buddha.
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