April 2024

New Publications: Like Gold Dust

12 Apr 2024

This sūtra presents a short dialogue between Ānanda and the Buddha on the theme of limitlessness. In response to Ānanda’s persistent inquiries, the Buddha uses analogies to illustrate both the limitlessness of the miraculous abilities acquired by realized beings, and the limitless multiplicity of the world systems in which bodhisattvas and buddhas are to be found.
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佛典訪談錄 | 《菩薩教法集》——理想的菩薩行者

2 Apr 2024

佛陀在《菩薩教法集》(Bodhisatva­piṭaka)中詳盡地說明了菩薩行者所應遵循的見地與修道。在本次訪談中,我們有幸邀請《菩薩教法集》 的主譯衍斯・爾嵐・布拉維克教授(Professor Jens Erland Braarvig),與大家暢談這部新譯佛典中理想的大乘行者所應具備的品質。


中原時間晚上11點 | 中歐時間下午5點

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