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I feel most happy, blessed, and fortunate to have the chance to use the new 84000 app. It’s something I can read sitting somewhere in the forest and fill my heart with the meaning of the sūtra, or find a quote when I need to do research. It’s so useful and convenient, so well done.

Ven. Matthieu Ricard: Buddhist monk, author, a.k.a. the “happiest man in the world”

Better reading

Access a dynamic collection of sūtras and teachings with complementary introductions that articulate key concepts, narrative frameworks, and socio-historical context

Interactive reading tools

Get the most out of the sūtras with pop-up definitions of key terms like “samsara” or “non-duality,” and bilingual reading ability with integrated Tibetan e-Kangyur folios.

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Find what exactly you’re looking for by searching for characters, places, or philosophical concepts such as ‘Mañjuśrī’ ‘Vārāṇasī’ or ‘Bodhicitta’.