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Access a dynamic collection of teachings on the mind, straight from the source.

“The whole teaching of the Buddha can be more present in every moment of my life, so I’m immensely grateful to the team at 84000, for all their work and for making this app available in particular.”

Ven. Matthieu Ricard: Buddhist monk, author, a.k.a. the “happiest man in the world”

Find more resilience

Narratives, dialogues, stories and more that expound upon the nature of reality and offer solutions that develop the mind’s capacity for equanimity.

Share your inspirations

Easily select passages from sūtras and share real Buddha quotes with your friends and loved ones.

Travel with a growing library

With almost 200 sūtras already available, the dynamic collection on your app will continue to grow for the next 90 years.

Learn, practice, and study while offline

All our interactive tools are designed to aid your practice and to help you study, these remain fully functional even when you’re switching off in a meditation retreat or working towards a digital detox.

The app includes:

  • A dynamic collection of Buddhist sūtras encompassing teachings on everything from meditation techniques to epic and inspirational journeys and narratives; from profound presentations of philosophical logic to short stories illustrating the workings of karma.
  • Access to sūtra-specific introductions that articulate its key concepts, its narrative frameworks, and its socio-historical context.
  • Interactive reading tools such as pop-up definitions of key terms like “samsara” or “non-duality” in a comprehensive trilingual glossary.
  • Search function that allow you to look for characters, places, or philosophical concepts such as ‘Mañjuśrī’ ‘Vārāṇasī’ or ‘Bodhicitta’.
  • Ability to read bilingually or to compare translations with source Tibetan e-Kangyur folios integrated throughout the publications