84000 works with partners across the academic arena to help strengthen the tradition and future of Buddhist studies, to provide opportunities for scholarly collaboration, and to ensure that a legion of skilled translators of classical Tibetan remains available now and into the future.

University of Toronto

Department for the Study of Religion

In July 2021, 84000 facilitated the establishment of a new assistant professor position at the University of Toronto’s Department for the Study of Religion, to further enhance its growing Buddhist studies program and the reach and relevance of Buddhist studies in North America. Dr. Rory Lindsay, research editor at 84000, assumed this assistant professor position and is focused principally on teaching classical Tibetan and conducting research related to the texts in the Tibetan Buddhist canon while continuing his editorial work with 84000.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Department of Religious Studies

In July 2021, 84000 partnered with UCSB to establish the Buddhist Texts Translation Initiative at the university’s Department of Religious Studies. The Initiative provides funding for students engaged in 84000 translation projects. Dr. Nathaniel Rich and Dr. Rory Lindsay, research editors at 84000, joined the Initiative as visiting scholars working closely with its director, Dr. José I. Cabezón and Dr. Vesna A. Wallace, to guide various translation groups and to develop and implement a range of public lectures and workshops that promote the study of canonical Buddhist texts.

84000 also works with like-minded organizations and institutions to improve how our dynamic collection is made available, shared, mined, and otherwise used for practice, study, or reference by hundreds of thousands of people around the world engaged in the living tradition of the Buddhadharma.