In Depth

Language, Philology, and the Motif of the Courtesan

20 Apr 2020

Professor Jens Braarvig talks to us about his translation of ‘The Miraculous Play of Mañjuśri’ – a Mahāyāna sūtra that unfolds within a story about a courtesan and a wealthy, banker’s son – as well as the importance of language and philology in Buddhist studies. Read more »

It’s all about the… Access!

5 Aug 2018

Three new features in our Reading Room integrate our texts with better technologies that help readers get the most out of the sūtras. Read more »

Pop-Up Commentary on “Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths”

2 Dec 2017

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche gives spontaneous commentary to “Teaching the Relative and Ultimate Truths.” Read more »

Cutting, Carving, and Communicating: Efforts of Past & Present Translators

21 Sep 2017

Huang Jing Rui, Executive Director of 84000, invites supporters to remember the immense hardship endured by translators of the past. Read more »

Questions for a Not-So-Old Lady

21 Sep 2017

Meet 84000 translator Yangchen Dolkar Tsatultsang, one of the few female Tibetan sūtra translators in the world. Read more »

Adopting and Adapting an Already Published Translation

27 May 2017

John Canti, 84000 Editorial Chair, shares his thoughts about the unique challenges of working with a well-established existing translation. Read more »

Robert Thurman on The Sūtra of the Teaching of Vimalakīrti

26 May 2017

Meet translator Robert Thurman and learn about his decades-long relationship with “The Sūtra of the Teaching of Vimalakīrti.” Read more »

The Sūtra on Dependent Arising

1 Apr 2017

Review the concept of Dependent Arising and explore the reflections on the experience of translating “The Sūtra on Dependent Arising.” Read more »

84000 Interview of Mingyur Rinpoche

17 Dec 2016

View Mingyur Rinpoche’s thoughts on the importance of translating Buddhist texts into English in his recent interview with 84000. Read more »

Support by Spreading the Word

28 Oct 2016

Rinpoche thanks supporters and urges everyone to spread the word: “Please talk about it. Please share our existence. Please share the information.” Read more »