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 84000 eNews                                          Issue 6 | October 2011
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Translation Progress Update
Since its formation in January 2010, 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha has funded 60 translators worldwide to translate 49 texts (more than 4,000 pages).
In April this year, we opened the second translation grants cycle to interested translators. Twenty-one translator teams applied for the grant, and the evaluation process is currently underway. The grants committee will select a further 4,000 pages from among these applications to be commissioned by December 2011.
We anticipate having 8,000 pages – more than 10% of the Kangyur – in the process of translation by the end of this year.
Please help us fund these translations bysponsoring a page today.
Coming Soon…!
Some translations are now in the final stages of review, and will be ready for publication by the end of this year. Watch out for the announcement on the 84000 Online Reading Room in our next issue!

New Appointments

The 84000 team has expanded to support our fast-paced developments. Please join us to welcome our new members:

Jeff Wallman is Executive Director of Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC). He succeeds our beloved mentor-cum-colleague, the late Dr. Gene Smith, to be on board the 84000 Working Committee. Dr. Tom Tillemans was recently appointed as 84000 Editor in Chief, and invited to join the 84000 Working Committee. He is currently Professor Emeritus, University of Lausanne.
Sarah KC Wilkinson, recently appointed as the North American team leader, supports and coordinates 84000’s volunteer fundraising team in North America.
Find out who else is in the 84000 Team.

An Initiative Supported By All
The buzz about 84000 has been growing in different corners of the world. In the spirit of collaboration and non-sectarianism, many Buddhist teachers, organizations, and individuals are spreading the word. Visit our gallery to follow these events.
Do you have a local Dharma center, café, or bookstore that would be happy to take our postcards and make them available to the public? Please let us know and we’ll send you some! Contact: sarah@84000.co
Sponsor A Page

“The gift of Dharma is the 
   greatest among all gifts.”  
~The Buddha
Photo Credit: Julie Adler
Join our sponsors worldwide in making history. The first 3,000 pages have already been sponsored. Help us fund more translations.
Sponsor a page today as a one-time or recurrent donor; or make a donation of any amount.
You can also share this gift with your family and friends, or dedicate in memory of a loved one.
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Campaign Director
We are looking for a Campaign Director to direct our fundraising campaigns in North America, with particular focus on raising funds from individuals, organizations, foundations and government grants that are outside of the Buddhist networks.
The campaign director will work closely with and report to 84000’s operations committee on all development operations in North America; and will inspire, manage, and develop the North American volunteer fundraising team.
Click here for more information.
If you know someone suitable for the position, or if you personally feel passionate about the 84000 cause, and have relevant skills and experience, please contact us atrecruitment@84000.co.
Applications close on October 21, 2011.

Buddhist Teachers Recognize the Importance of 84000
For centuries, the Words of the Buddha have developed into a rich array of Buddhist traditions and practices.
Today, teachers from the major Buddhist traditions are coming together to support and be personally involved in this historic movement to translate the entirety of the Buddha’s Words.
Read letters written about 84000 by renowned Buddhist teachers of the major lineages.
View four short videos of Rinpoches talking about 84000.
Read what our supporters have tosay about 84000.
Thank You Founding Sponsors!
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our first 57 Founding Sponsors, who have given/pledged more than US $3 million in support of our work. Find out how to be one of the 108 Founding Sponsors by contacting us at info@84000.co.
What It Takes to Produce Quality Translations
Translation involves the delicate art of finding the correct balance between having fidelity to the source language (i.e. Tibetan or Sanskrit) and providing accurate and reader-friendly translations in the target language (i.e. English). In cases where the two languages involved have culturally distinct origins, clashes between accuracy and readability are often difficult to resolve. Read more…

The 84000 editorial team, led by Dr. John Canti (Editorial Chair) and Dr. Tom Tillemans (Editor in Chief), supports translators in producing quality works that meet the standards of the 84000 editorial policy. An external Board of Reviewers comprised of qualified Buddhist teachers, Western scholars and Sanskrit experts, are also consulted throughout the editorial process.

View members of the 84000 editorial committee and review board.

A global nonprofit initiative to
translate the Words of the Buddha and
make them available to everyone.
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 • 佛典傳譯】電子通訊                  第六期 | 2011年 10月
自2010年1月成立以來,【•佛典傳譯】已資助來自世界各地的60位譯師進行49部經典 (逾4000頁) 的翻譯。
今年月,我們启动了第二輪的翻譯資助申請,廣邀有興趣的譯者前來參與。我們一共收到二十一組翻譯團隊的申請, 目前正在进行评估。資助委員會將從中選出優秀的翻譯團隊,於今年12月之前展開另外4000頁的翻譯工作。
我們預記今年年底將有8000頁佛典──即《佛經》(藏:甘珠爾) 百分之十以上的佛典在翻譯過程中。

傑夫•韋曼(Jeff Wallman) 是現任藏傳佛教資源中心 (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, TBRC) 的常務總監。他接替已故 的金•史密斯博士(Dr. E. Gene Smith),加入【八 萬四千】工作委員會。
湯姆•提勒曼博士(Dr. Tom Tillemans) 最近被委任為【八萬四千】的主編,並獲邀加入工作委員會。他目前是瑞士洛桑大學 (University of Lausanne) 的名譽退休教授。

眾一心  同聲護持  佛典傳譯
如果您愿意幫助我們一起廣傳這項計劃,請電郵至 info@84000.co 與我們聯絡。
                     Photo Credit: Julie Adler 
莎拉•韋堅遜 (Sarah KC Wilkinson) 

想查詢有關如何成為108位創始贊助人之一的詳情,請電郵至 info@84000.co 。
翻譯是一門要求高度技巧的藝術。譯者必須在原文 (即藏文或梵文) 與譯文 (即英文) 之間尋求平衡,確保翻譯在意義上忠於原文而又流暢易讀。如果涉及的兩種语言存在明顯的文化差異,準確性與可讀性之間的矛盾往往難以解决。更多…
•佛典傳譯】的編輯团队,由編輯主任約翰 ∙康提博士(Dr. John Canti)與主編湯姆•提勒曼博士(Dr. Tom Tillemans)負責,協助譯者譯出符合84000輯方針的優秀譯作。此外,由多位具格的佛教上師、西方學者與梵文專家組成的外部復審委員會,在整個編輯過程中提供意見。
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Posted: 1 Oct 2011