New Publication: Infinite Jewels

10 Mar 2022

While residing at Vulture Peak Mountain with a large community of monks, the Buddha is visited by the bodhisattva Mañjuśrī. The sūtra unfolds as a series of exchanges between the Buddha, Mañjuśrī, and the monk Śāriputra, elucidating a profound vision of reality as undifferentiated, nondual, and all-pervasive.

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New Publication: The Good Eon

3 Mar 2022

The Good Eon recounts the names and circumstances pertaining to all the one thousand and four buddhas who will appear in our world during this current eon, which is commonly known among Mahāyāna Buddhists as the Good Eon. Listed as the first scripture in the General Sūtra section of most Kangyur collections, it is among the longest of the Mahāyāna sūtras translated into Tibetan.
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New Publication: The Dhāraṇī of the Six Gates

10 Feb 2022

The Dhāraṇī of the Six Gates is a short text that consists mainly of a dhāraṇī taught by the Buddha to an assembly of bodhisattvas. It appears to have enjoyed a certain level of popularity, since we find many copies of it among the Dunhuang documents in Tibetan and Chinese, as well as several Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese commentaries and recitation texts based on it.
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New Publication: Vajra Conqueror

27 Jan 2022

In this concise text, Vajrapāṇi, through the power and blessings of the Buddha and all bodhisattvas, proclaims a series of powerful dhāraṇī-mantras. The text concludes with verses on the benefits of the dhāraṇī and a simple ablution ritual.

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Opportunity: Research Editor (F/T)

11 Jan 2022

We are looking for a scholar who has a passion for studying Buddhist canonical scriptures in their source languages, yet who also values the importance of translation within the larger field of Buddhist Studies, to join our growing team of scholars engaged in translating the Tibetan Kangyur and Tengyur into English.
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Opportunity: Google Analytics Consultant (Volunteer)

11 Jan 2022

We are seeking a volunteer to support our Google Analytics needs. This position is best suited for those who have professional experience or extensive familiarity with Google Analytics and who wish to offer their skills and/or services in-kind to help guide 84000 in improving the functionality and user experience of its website. 

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