August 28, 2021 | 84000 In Conversation: Studying Buddhism in the New Millennium

84000 In Conversation is an ongoing weekend series with special guests dropping in to share stories, histories, initiatives, and inspiration, to help us map the sūtras for modern life. This series is hosted by 84000 associate editor, Joie Chen.

Our second episode is ‘Studying Buddhism in the New Millennium,’ in which Joie Chen, in conversation with Dr. Kate Hartmann (Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Wyoming, and Director of Buddhist Studies Online) will explore the rewards and challenges of studying and teaching Buddhism in our world today. We will look at what it means to study Buddhism “academically,” how learning about Buddhism enhances an education in the humanities, and what it is like to teach Buddhism to the younger generation. Dr. Hartmann will also share with us various resources, online and offline, that are available to those interested in pursuing the academic study of Buddhism.

Date: Saturday, April 28

Time: 9am EST | 3pm CET | 6:30pm IST | 9pm CST

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Listen, ask, and tune in to discover a world of wisdom.

The recording of this event is now available:


Kate Hartmann Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies @ University of Wyoming 
Kate (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Wyoming and Director of Buddhist Studies Online. Her engagement with Religious Studies arises out of a longstanding interest in religion as a force that shapes the way we perceive the world, and in the practices religions develop to transform that perception. Her current research focuses on the history of Tibetan pilgrimage to holy mountains and the goal of cultivating pure perception of the sacred landscape.

Joie Chen | Associate Editor & Chinese Language Coordinator @84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha
Joie is currently a PhD candidate in Buddhist Studies (Study of Religion) at Harvard University, where her research interests include pre-modern Tibetan religious life writing, institutional history, travel literature, and Buddhist art. She holds a BA in Film Studies and English from Yale University and an MPhil in Tibetan & Himalayan Studies from the University of Oxford. She is an associate editor at 84000, and the Chinese-language communications coordinator; and the book reviews editor for Buddhadharma magazine.

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If you missed our first episode, Immeasurable Life, with Khenpo Choying Dorjee and Dr. John Canti, you can watch it here.

Posted: 18 Aug 2021