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New Publication: The Teaching on the Great Compassion of the Tathāgata

14 Jan 2021

The Teaching on the Great Compassion of the Tathāgata is an important early Great Vehicle sūtra for understanding the sense and significance of some key features of the bodhisattva path, including dhāraṇīs, bodhisattva qualities, and the potential for buddhahood (buddhagotra). Read more »

New Publication: Introduction to the Domain of the Inconceivable Qualities and Wisdom of the Tathāgatas

31 Dec 2020

Introduction to the Domain of the Inconceivable Qualities and Wisdom of the Tathāgatas consists of a discourse between two bodhisattvas in which the bodhisattva Sarva­nīvaraṇa­viṣkambhin addresses the bodhisattva Mañjuśrī in the Buddha’s inspiring presence. Read more »

A Personal Thank You from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

30 Dec 2020

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, our Founding Chair, offers his thanks to all our friends and supporters, and some inspiring words of wisdom as we enter 2021. Read more »

New Publication: Unraveling the Intent

24 Dec 2020

In Unraveling the Intent, the Buddha gives a systematic overview of his three great cycles of teachings, which he refers to in this text as the “three Dharma wheels” (tri­dharma­cakra). Read more »

New Publication: Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels

10 Dec 2020

This sūtra begins as the venerable Śāriputra, who is practicing meditation alone in the forest, wonders how much merit is obtained by those who take refuge in the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Saṅgha. Read more »

New Publication: The Sūtra on the Ringing Staff

3 Dec 2020

Buddhism is replete with symbolic objects. As their subject matter, these two closely related texts take one symbolic article known as “the ringing staff” – one of the requisites of a fully ordained monastic. Read more »

New Publication: Cultivating Trust in the Great Vehicle

19 Nov 2020

Cultivating Trust in the Great Vehicle unfolds at Vulture Peak Mountain, where the Buddha, surrounded by a great number of bodhisattvas from the human and nonhuman realms and many monks and limitless other beings, gives a discourse on the nature of trust in the Great Vehicle. Read more »

The People Driving Progress: Our Editorial Team

18 Nov 2020

Imagine if your to-do list had 4,500 items on it. Ours does. The people who direct and manage the process of reviewing the translations, editing, proofreading, and marking them up, are the members of our growing Editorial Team. As far as we are concerned, they are the heart of 84000. Read more »

In Focus: Sūtras for Well-Being

18 Nov 2020

In response to 2020’s unique challenges, our first fully, digital outreach initiative—Sūtras for Well-Being—supports our global community in feeling inspired, connected, and uplifted, offering a multimedia look at the sūtras traditionally recited for resilience and well-being in times of adversity, and the stories behind them. Read more »

Bittersweet: Cangioli Che Announces her Departure from 84000

18 Nov 2020

It feels somewhat bittersweet to share the news that after eleven years helping to incubate, develop, and advise 84000, Cangioli Che is stepping down from the Executive Committee. Since 2009, Cangioli has been instrumental in building the foundations to allow 84000 to become what we are today. Read more »