84000 In Conversation | The Bodhisatva as the Ideal Practitioner

This conversation center on the detailed exposition of the characteristics of the ideal Mahāyāna practitioner found in the recently released Toh 56 The Collected Teachings on the Bodhisatva



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Jens Erland Braarvig | Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies,  University of Oslo
Professor Braarvig has dedicated many years to translating this text, which holds significant importance within the Ratnakuta collection. Professor Braarvig’s main subject is the history, literature and languages of Buddhism.

Among his publications on Buddhism are “The Akṣayamatinirdesasūtra and The Tradition of Imperishability in Buddhist Thought,” the main topic of which is the morality of Mahāyāna Buddhism, and ”Buddhist Manuscripts in the Schøyen Collection,” containing a rather recent find of manuscript fragments from Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

He also works with other Indian religious and philosophical traditions, as well as Greek and Mesopotamian religion in a comparative perspective and in a general setting of global and macrohistoric cultural study. His studies are based on comparative and philological methods, and he works with a number of classical and archaic languages from the Mediterranean areas, from early Middle Eastern cultures, as well as classical languages of South, Central and East Asia.

Professor Braarvig also develops methodologies for making philological research relevant for cultural studies, and he has thus created an analytical internet tool – as now available on the internet as Bibliotheca Polyglotta – for understanding the role of linguae francae and multilingualism in the global diffusion of knowledge.

He is active as an editor and organizer of popular science.

Joie Chen | PhD Candidate, Buddhist Studies, Harvard University
Joie is a PhD candidate in Buddhist Studies at Harvard University, where her research looks at the confluence of various modes of learnedness in Tibetan Buddhism, in particular how the language and visual arts play into the formation of a learned Buddhist person. She holds a BA in Film Studies and English from Yale University and an MPhil in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies from the University of Oxford.

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Posted: 2 Apr 2024