Visit to Buddhistdoor International

84000 together with the Buddhistdoor crew.

On August 18, 2013, Huang Jing Rui (84000 Executive Director) and Vincci Chan (84000 Team Member, Hong Kong) paid a visit to Ven. Dhammapala, the Spiritual Director of Buddhistdoor International, a Hong Kong-based online portal owned and published by the Tung Lin Kok Yuen Foundation. Through providing information in English and Chinese on Buddhist teachings, spirituality, art and culture, Buddhistdoor seeks to communicate with modern audiences and build bridges to connect Buddhists around the world.

This was 84000’s second visit to Buddhistdoor after Jing Rui and a team of volunteers visited Ven. Dhammapala in 2011 to seek Venerable’s advice in starting the project. During this recent 2013 visit, Venerable was very pleased and encouraged by 84000’s progress. He suggested ways 84000 could spread awareness through Buddhistdoor’s network and promote the reading and study of sutras. While he supported the idea of the online Reading Room, he also recommended that 84000 gradually work toward printing publications:

“I am very supportive of When it is completed, I hope that it will benefit many scholars, including researchers and students who are studying Buddhism. However, I feel that solely relying on web publication is not enough, it should also have some printed materials. I look forward to seeing the printed version of these works in the future! Through a website like, I hope that it will enable more people to learn about Buddhist sutras; especially when these sutras are no longer simply being left on the shelves, but—through translation—are brought closer to us, allowing us to understand the Buddhadharma through the process of reading sutras.”
– Venerable Dhammapala

Photo: Vincci Metok

Jing Rui and Vincci also met Cathy Ziengs (Executive Coordinator) and Raymond Lam (Editor), and a team of friendly colleagues from Buddhistdoor. Upon learning about 84000, the action-oriented crew jumped into action and arranged for Jing Rui to be interviewed on video that same day in both English and Chinese.

84000 is grateful to Venerable Dhammapala and our new friends from Buddhistdoor for the warm reception and the advice that they so generously offered. We look forward to having more opportunities to learn from and work with them.

See the photo slideshow from the event below:

Photos: Vincci Metok

Posted: 15 Sep 2013