Personal Stories from Global Live Resounding 2015

Scenes from around the world

The first global live resounding wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers across the globe, many of whom shared their experience through photos and reflections. Participants joined us online – and offline – from over 30 cities around the world. From 1am in Halifax to 1pm in Singapore, and nearly all time zones in between, the resounding truly had a global reach. Gatherings ranged from small to large, meeting in apartments, homes, seminar rooms, and monasteries.

To join in celebrating the first global resounding, below are photos and quotes from participants across the globe.

Participating cities/countries include: Adelaide, Bamyan, Bellingen, Berlin, Brazil, Canberra, Chauntra (Dzongsar Institute), Czech Republic, Dewathang (Chokyi Gatyso Institute), Halifax, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kathmandu (Rangjung Yeshe Institute), Kazakhstan, London, Los Angeles, Malaysia, Melbourne, Mullumbimby, New Jersey, New York, New Zealand, San Francisco, Seattle (Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism), Semarang, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taiwan, Thimphu, Tokyo, Vancouver. Reports of offline participation include: Abu Dhabi, Austria, Bir (Deer Park Institute), Halifax, Jersey City, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rishikesh, South Goa, Waiheke Island.

Quotes from resounding participants:

“It was so inspiring to read Buddha’s words, no matter when and where. Each word of the Buddha carries so much profound teachings. Thank you 84000 for bringing our scattered minds back to the mind of the Buddha, although only for less than one hour. I believe Buddha’s wisdom words is benefiting us so much all the time even we only read it from time to time. I rejoice to the great translation work done by the 84000 translation team. Without the translation, we won’t be able to understand and read with this ease. May your meritorious work be ever successful and may we beings realize the Buddha.”
– Jun Xie (participated offline in Rishikesh, India)

“I think this was an amazing event and I am sure everyone in Kathmandu felt happy to participate one way or another.”
– Debora Dines (Kathmandu, Nepal)

“Thank you so much for making this possible. The people were all very happy and made the request for other Resounding Events in the future.”
– Andrea Bringmann (Berlin, Germany)

“Thank you very much!! It was very touching to see so many people gathered together across the globe to attend Resounding. May this happen year after year to benefit many, and I’ll be most happy to help in any way possible.”
– Charmaine Kan (Singapore)

“The Resounding was spectacular. Kudos and thanks to you and your team!!! It was wonderful to gather 32? Sanghas from around the world through the magic of technology. Obviously a complex task. You all did a great job.”
– Sharon Roe (San Francisco, USA)

“Thank you so much for hosting the Resounding. We had a marvelous turnout of 22 people at 5 a.m. in London. So many people commented on how wonderful it was.”
– Sandra Bernardo (London, UK)

“Resounding today was breathtaking. Not only today but what you have accomplished in 84000 in the last 5 years that made this day possible. SOOOOO amazing. Am just overcome, and to feel Rinpoche in the very midst of it – no one else on the entire planet could have made this happen… In Dewathang we had hundreds of people in the temple today – including about 60 teachers, school principals, the director and faculty of the engineering college, local officials, monks, shopkeepers, and ordinary villagers and farmers.”
– (participant, Dewathang, Bhutan)

Finally His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche, who provided the space for the resounding in Seattle, had this to say in support of 84000 at its inception: “As the head lama in the only Tibetan Buddhist Monastery [of Phuntsok Phodrang] in North America, I understand how crucial it is to provide Westerners with quality translations of the Buddha’s teachings. I will pray to the Three Jewels for the success of this project. May the Triple Gem Bless You and Guide You.”

Posted: 15 Dec 2015