Message to Founding Sponsors

Photo: John L. Solomon

Dear Founding Sponsors,

Satisfaction and happiness are experiences that every sentient being looks for, consciously or unconsciously. But few realize that in both instances, the most effortless, painless and swiftest way to obtain this happiness is by giving others happiness. Whether giving a dime or giving shelter unconditionally, it has been proven to us time and again that this brings happiness. This is not rocket science, rather it is blatantly experienceable here and now. Even the genuine and unconditional wish to help others, just that mere wish, has instantly given us happiness. So what better way to give happiness to others than by giving liberation from the very bondage of ignorance that constantly breeds suffering.

Out of his compassion, Buddha Shakymuni has generously given 84000 teachings. All we have to do now is to follow this path, put it into practice, and to make ourselves realize these truths that he made so easily accessible and understandable. To realize this path, we beings that are so subject to human conditions, must depend on hearing the teachings and contemplating on them. Translating the words of the Buddha Gautama into different languages is creating that condition, so that more people who quest for such liberation have access to this path.

The great teachers, scholars and saints will lead us and teach us. And the translators who are translating these words are working very diligently, and we appreciate them immensely. But here I’d like to mention that you also are playing a very important part. By offering yourselves as founding members, you are seeding a plantation of dharma in the hearts and minds of millions to come, not only limited to one culture and race.

Yours in the Dharma,
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

Posted: 15 Apr 2013