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84000’s Key Accomplishments (2010-2012)

1. Translations and the online reading room

  • More than 10% of the Kangyur––nearly 8,000 pages––are in the process of being translated. The number will increase to 12,000 pages by December 2012.
  • The online reading room (http://read.84000.co) was launched in February 2012, with the first eight completed translations (97 pages) made freely available, along with summaries, glossaries, subject classification and iconography. The reading room will be regularly updated as more English translations are completed.
  • For the first time, all the titles of 1,169 texts in the Kangyur have been translated. They are now available in three languages (Sanskrit, Tibetan, and English) in the reading room.
  • An integrated three-language glossary of key terms, person names, and place names is linked to each translation. Soon, all glossaries will be cross-linked, providing a rich resource for Buddhist teachers, students and translators, as well as anyone who is interested in history, archaeology, culture and philosophy.
  • With a system in place for English translations, we are now ready to look into translations into Chinese and other languages.

2. Involvement of both monastics and academics

  • More than a hundred translators from 20 monasteries/Dharma centers and 25 Universities are now being funded by grants from 84000.
  • Inspired by the traditional lotsawa-pandita approach, our translators work in teams consisting of both Indo-Himalayan masters as well as Western scholar-translators from the academic community.

3. System in place to ensure translation quality

  • We have conducted two grant cycles inviting applications from more than 40 teams. Out of these, about 1/3 who meet our editorial and budgetary requirements have been awarded translation grants. The third grant cycle is open from April 15 through July 15, 2012.
  • The editorial committee has developed a very detailed translators’ guidelines and editorial policy to define 84000 editorial standards and help translators meet them.
  • An editor-in-chief and a volunteer external review board consisting of both Indo-Himalayan and Western scholars provide 84000 in-house and external review of the translations.

Posted: 4 Jul 2012