New Publication: The Perfection of Wisdom in Eighteen Thousand Lines

14 Jun 2022

The Perfection of Wisdom in Eighteen Thousand Lines is one version of the Long Perfection of Wisdom sūtras that developed in South and South-Central Asia in tandem with the Eight Thousand version, probably during the first five hundred years of the Common Era. It contains many of the passages in the oldest extant Long Perfection of Wisdom text (the Gilgit manuscript in Sanskrit), and is similar in structure to the other versions of the Long Perfection of Wisdom sūtras (the One Hundred Thousand and Twenty-Five Thousand) in Tibetan in the Kangyur.
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New Publication: The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom, the Blessed Mother

31 May 2022

In this famous scripture, known popularly as The Heart Sūtra, the Buddha Śākyamuni inspires his senior monk Śāriputra to request instructions from the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara on the way to practice the perfection of wisdom. Avalokiteśvara then describes how an aspiring practitioner of the perfection of wisdom must first understand how all phenomena lack an intrinsic nature, which amounts to the realization of emptiness.
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Teachings on Sūtra | Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

19 May 2022

Our Founding Chair, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche speaks on The Perfection of Wisdom, to celebrate Saga Dawa Düchen. Together we celebrates a historic milestone in the translation of the Kangyur, the publication of two texts from The Perfection of Wisdom section of the Kangyur: The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom, the Blessed Mother and The Perfection of Wisdom in Eighteen Thousand Lines.
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Three New Publications

5 May 2022

Today we are publishing three new closely related translations at the same time. The existence of all three texts in the Kangyur, reflecting different versions brought to Tibet via different routes and translated at different times, gives us a fascinating glimpse of how carefully the Tibetan translations preserved the precious texts available at the time.
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New Publication: The Eight Auspicious Ones

28 Apr 2022

While the Buddha is dwelling in Vaiśālī at Āmrapālī’s grove, a Licchavi youth named Superior Skill requests him to reveal those buddhas presently dwelling in fulfillment of their former aspirations, such that venerating them and remembering their names can dispel fear and harm. The Buddha responds by listing the names of eight buddhas and the names of their buddha realms.
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New Publication: Auspicious Night

24 Mar 2022

In Auspicious Night, the deity Candana appears before a monk in Rājagṛha and asks if he knows of the Buddha’s teaching called Auspicious Night. Since the monk has never heard of it, the deity encourages the monk to ask the Buddha himself, who is staying nearby. At the monk’s request, the Buddha teaches him how to continuously remain in a contemplative state by following guidelines…
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