A Brand New Beginning

“Every single letter of the Dharma
Equals an image of the Buddha:
Therefore a wise person
Should write down the Tripitaka.

In the Dharma of the Buddha
There are 84000 teachings
Therefore, where there is a Tripitaka
There will be 84000 Buddhas.”

84000 is an auspicious number symbolising the infinity and vastness of the Buddha’s teachings. The Buddha is said to have taught more than 84000 methods to transcend our myriad suffering and to attain true peace. Picked by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, head of our working committee, 84000 represents and encapsulates the magnitude of the task that lies in front of us––to translate the vast collection of the Buddha’s teachings within a definite and specific time period.

The new 84000 logo is the brainchild of world renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser. Drawing inspiration from the traditional image of a mandala, Milton stylistically transformed the ancient art form into a strikingly simple, elegant and modern presentation­­­­, with a beautiful splash of colors based on the typical palette of a thangka. This artistic process remarkably captures the very essence of our endeavor––preserving the ancient wisdom of the Buddha and bringing it to the modern world through translation.

The new web address www.84000.co represents the global nature of our undertaking. We hope to provide a modern and dynamic platform for the world to unite and contribute to the meritorious task of translating the Buddha’s words of wisdom.

This transformation to 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha marks a new beginning for us. As we press ahead energetically and enthusiastically to fulfill our vision, we wish to emphasize that 84000 continues to be a nonprofit initiative. All work is done out of devotion to the Dharma and a wish to benefit the world. We hope you will join us in this historic endeavor to protect the precious legacy of the Buddha and make his 84000 teachings available to everyone.

Posted: 15 Apr 2011