Aspiration Prayer for 84000

May There Never Be a Time…

On the occasion of 84000’s tenth anniversary, we are humbled to have received this prayer for the continued fulfillment of our aspirations.

As peace, harmony, sanity, and the well-being of this earth and its inhabitants are now so endangered, may there never be a time when the world’s media, school textbooks, and daily conversations stop using words like generosity, patience, and loving-kindness, and when the meaning of such words is lost.

As we fear the darkest hour of this dark age, may there never be a time when words like impermanence (anitya), unsatisfactoriness (duḥkha), selflessness (anātman), dependent arising (pratītyasamutpāda), illusion (māyā), and emptiness (śūnyatā) cease to exist, and when their meaning is lost.

May the endeavors of the translators and editors plant the seed of the Dharma in all directions.

May the efforts of the patrons and administrators nurture and strengthen the shoot of the Dharma at all times.

May the noble aspirations of this endeavor maintain and propagate the precious Dharma far and wide.

This prayer was composed by Brahma Pushpa, in India, June 2020.

Posted: 21 Jun 2020