An Evening of Appreciation and Awareness

On March 20, 2010, the first BLHP awareness event was held at Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Singapore. “An Evening of Appreciation & Awareness: Buddhist Literary Heritage Project” gathered more than 80 volunteers, sponsors, and friends of the BLHP to hear Rinpoche discuss the importance of translating the words of the Buddha, to ask questions, and to share their appreciation of the project.

The theme was twofold: Appreciation and Awareness:

Appreciation of the immense kindness of past translators

Although we may be familiar with the names of some famous Buddhist translators, such as Hsuan-Tsang, Kumarajiva, and Vairocana, there are countless other unnamed heroes who lost their lives in the course of their long and arduous journey to seek the sacred Buddhist texts. It is thanks to the immense dedication and courage of these past translators that today the Dharma is available to us in Chinese, Tibetan, Thai, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Bhutanese, and many more languages. Today, as inheritors of this precious legacy of wisdom and compassion, the responsibility lies with us to ensure its continued existence and transmission throughout the world.

Appreciation of our early supporters

As a young initiative facing a mammoth task, the Buddhist Literary Heritage Project (BLHP) is grateful for all the support and well wishes that we have received from people from all over the world. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors, and friends (including the many others who were not present at this event) for trusting us and for supporting our effort, right from this beginning stage of our development.

Spreading awareness about the Buddhist Literary Heritage Project

The translation of the complete Kangyur and Tengyur is a massive endeavor that can only be accomplished through collective effort and support. One objective of this event was to help people to understand what we are doing. We hope that you will also help us spread the word to others.

For coverage of the event, check out the video, photo gallery, and transcript of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s speech, all available in the Gallery!

We would also like to thank our event sponsors and volunteers for making this event possible.

Event Sponsors

  • Alex Sew, Dream Innovate Communication
  • Clement Chiang, Golden Roc florist
  • Joyce Teo, Insights Production
  • Darrick Toh
  • Shantidevi Lim

Event Helpers

  • Chan Jianhong
  • Dan Yeap
  • Danny Lee
  • Darrick Toh
  • Dawn Lim
  • Esty Tan
  • Frank Lee
  • Helen Yan
  • Karen Choo
  • Kiat-Sing Teo
  • Lee Kwang Boon
  • Liz Cao
  • Rabil Nuengsigkapian Lian
  • Tessa Goh
  • Toto Iwantoro
  • Ush Ng
  • Wong Xiaoyan

Posted: 20 Mar 2010