Presentation in Taiwan

Jain speaking to a captive audience. Photo: Roger Lo

84000 had the opportunity to set up an information table for nine days, August 26-31, 2013, during Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s puja and teachings in Taiwan. On the 25th, Rinpoche gave a public teaching to an audience of close to 650 people from Bhutan, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and USA. This teaching, entitled “The Play of Compassion,” was based on a sutra that 84000 recently translated, “The Basket’s Display.” Before the teaching, Jain Feng (84000 Team Member, Taiwan) gave a presentation on the vision and progress of 84000. After the teaching, many audience members visited the 84000 table to find out more.

Over the nine days, sponsorships were made to translate up to 178 pages of translation, and 10 people signed up to become monthly donors. Pledges were made to sponsor two major texts from the Sponsor a Sutra program. A donor explains what prompted her to sponsor “The Jewel Cloud Sutra”:

“It is my great pleasure to sponsor this sutra, truly inspired by Rinpoche’s grand vision. I hope Rinpoche will teach this sutra in Taiwan when the translation is complete. By sponsoring 84000, we also have more incentives and opportunities to read the sutras more and benefit ourselves more.

2013 is the 20th year of my father passing away, so I would like to dedicate [this] to my father who taught me the joy of giving. I thought this will be a special way to remember him.”

It is due to the support of every big and small donor, of every translator and every volunteer, that 84000 has made small achievements in the first years of our development. With your continued support, 84000 will continue to strive toward our vision of translating and making all of the words of the Buddha freely accessible to everyone.

See the photo slideshow from the event below:

Photos: Roger Lo, Vincci Metok

Posted: 15 Sep 2013