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Two New Academic Partnerships to Drive Forward 84000’s Vision

11 Aug 2021

This month, we are thrilled to announce that 84000 is launching partnerships with both the University of Toronto, and with the University of California Santa Barbara. These partnerships will transform our ability to make our vision a reality, and to ensure that the future generations continue to be able to easily read, practice, and study the words of the Buddha.
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Teachings on Sūtra | Ven. Konchog Norbu

5 Jul 2021

On Chökor Düchen, Ven. Konchog Norbu will be exploring 84000’s recently published translation of The Chapter on Medicine, and will offer a distillation of the stories and teachings it contains with special emphasis on the unique and miraculous qualities of Śākyamuni Buddha; examples of the rare power of being in the presence of such a being and his teachings; and fascinating details about both medieval Indian spiritual and secular culture.
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New Publication: Not Forsaking the Buddha

24 Jun 2021

This discourse takes place while the Buddha Śākyamuni is with a large community of monks, along with numerous bodhisattvas. Ten of the bodhisattvas present in the retinue have become discouraged despite exerting themselves for seven years. The bodhisattva Undaunted therefore requests the Buddha to bestow upon them an instruction that will enable them to generate wisdom.
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