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Can You Describe 84000 in One Word?

As we celebrate our 10th turn around the sun, we asked you – our colleagues, our friends, and our supporters – what one word you would use to describe 84000. Here’s a short video of all the wonderful responses we received from around the world! Read more »

Stories from You: Hasta Colman

The best gift we could receive on our birthday are stories of how our work has helped you! We’re touched by Hasta Colman’s inspiring reflection on how her own language-learning journey has mirrored 84000’s development over the past decade. Read more »

New Publication: The Questions of Pūrṇa

Our latest publication, “The Questions of Pūrṇa,” is among the forty-nine titles included in The Heap of Jewels collection in the Degé Kangyur. Although traditional scholars have quoted this sūtra in a number of Tibetan writings, the text has received very little attention in modern scholarship. Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:《富樓那所問經》 Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:《八佛經》 Read more »

New Publication: The Eight Buddhas

84000 is thrilled to announce its latest publication “The Eight Buddhas” in which the Buddha introduces Śāriputra to the eight buddhas by name and then describes the location, name, and qualities of each of their buddha realms. Then the Buddha teaches Śāriputra how hearing, remembering, reading, teaching, chanting, and mastering the names of these buddhas will produce a great number of benefits for the practitioner. Read more »


84000新英譯佛典:《正法理趣經》 Read more »

New Publication: Proper Dharma Conduct

We are pleased to share the publication of our latest translation, Proper Dharma Conduct, wherein the Buddha Śākyamuni first makes a short cryptic statement that seems to go against the conventions of proper behavior for bodhisattvas, before explaining how to interpret the initial statement in order to decipher the underlying meaning. Read more »


依照傳統,有一些佛經常於病疾災害降臨的不安時期,被人們廣泛讀誦抄寫,以祈禱災難平息,社會和諧。我們將於近期推出英譯版的「消災祈福」系列經典,望能藉此為世界祈福。 Read more »

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