Letter from an anonymous donor

3 Jan 2010

This letter was hand-written by an anonymous donor. Read more »

Peter Skilling’s notes on the Kanjur Translation Project

2 Jan 2010

TRANSLATING THE BUDDHA’S WORDS: SOME NOTES ON THE KANJUR TRANSLATION PROJECT By Peter Skilling Nonthaburi, March 11, 2009 NAMO BUDDHĀYA This Dhamma that I have attained is profound, hard to see and hard to understand, peaceful and sublime, unattainable by … Read more »

Facts and figures about Kangyur and Tengyur

2 Jan 2010

The meaning of “Kangyur” is “the translated teachings (as spoken directly by the Buddha)” Read more »

Kangyur & Tengyur Genres: Number of Texts, Pages and Text Size

2 Jan 2010

A report by Dr. D. Phillip Stanley, Naropa University Note: The Combined Kangyur & Tangyur (CKT) consists of all texts find in the Peking, Cone, Derge, Urga, Narthang, and Lhasa Kangyurs, as well as the Peking, Cone, Derge, and Narthang … Read more »

Official Beginning of BLHP Operations

1 Jan 2010

Buddhist Literary Heritage Project has formally begun operations, effective on 1 January 2010. Read more »