Announcement from the Chair

Photo: Pawo Choyning Dorji

These days many, many people claim to represent me, and often attempt to authenticate their claim by showing you photos they’ve had taken with me, or letters asking for help that appear to have been signed by me, or printed on my stationery. There are also people who try to fundraise on my behalf, but entirely independently and without my knowledge. I would like you all to be aware of this.

While it’s true I do sometimes write letters, if you are approached by someone asking you to do something on my behalf that you have any doubts about, please make sure you check before doing anything. If the request really is from me it will be confirmed reasonably quickly. But if you don’t hear anything, it probably means the request didn’t come directly from me.

So please, if you receive any doubts at all about requests that are said to come from me, CHECK with Khyentse Foundation, Siddhartha’s Intent, Almost Buddhist website, Lotus Outreach, 84000 or Khyentse Office (Khyentse Labrang), to make absolutely certain they are genuine.

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
84000: Translating the words of the Buddha

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