For Translators

Postdoctoral Fellowships

In Buddhism, study and practice have always gone hand-in-hand, and over the last ten years, many scholars around the world have contributed to the translations published by 84000. To further strengthen the opportunity for younger scholars to contribute to the project, 84000 is now offering two post-doctoral grants to work on translations of texts from the Kangyur. 

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha is pleased to invite applications for two one-year full-time (portable) postdoctoral fellowships, for the purpose of translating one or more texts from the Tibetan Kangyur into English (150-200 Tibetan pages in total per person). The translation will subsequently be published online in the 84000 Reading Room.

NOTE: Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact for preliminary discussion of text(s) selection before preparing their application.

Fellowship details

  • Annual stipend: 50,000 USD
  • The fellowship period begins on January 1, 2022 (or as arranged with 84000) and lasts one year.
  • No other employment is permitted during the fellowship tenure, and the fellowship may not be held concurrently with other fellowships and grants.
  • Completed applications must be submitted by email to no later than July 1, 2021.
  • Notifications to applicants will be sent via email by August 1, 2021.


  • Applicants must hold a PhD in Buddhist Studies, or a closely related field, officially conferred by an accredited university between January 1, 2016 and May 1, 2021.
  • 84000 welcomes proposals from applicants without restrictions as to citizenship, country of residence, and proposed work location.
  • A fellowship-in-residence may be proposed at any university or college, including the institution that granted the applicant’s PhD and the institution of current employment.
  • The applicant must submit a letter from the proposed host university confirming its willingness to host the applicant for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship-in residence. If travel restrictions due to the current pandemic are still in place by December 2021, the postdoctoral position may be virtual.

For more information, and detailed application requirements, please view the postdoc announcement here.

Translation Grants

84000’s primary activity is the commissioning of new translations, and to date it has awarded over 100 grants to translation teams around the world, allowing translators and scholars to work on this canonical literature full-time, and helping to make our vision a reality within one hundred years.

Our grants catalyze the work of translators and scholars, so that together we can help to revive traditional Buddhist scholarship and practice before it is too late. We now open our grants cycle twice a year.

Please visit the Grants page for a list of selected source texts, guidelines, the application form, and for more information.

Translator Training

Translator training is essential to ensuring that there is a continuous stream of proficient translators to fulfill the long-term vision of 84000. In order to support the work of 84000, Khyentse Foundation (KF) is actively working to train the next generation of Dharma translators:

  1. Establishment of the KF Translation Studies Scholarships to support students in advanced degree programs in translation studies and Buddhist philosophy with the express purpose of training Dharma translators for the future. All aspiring translators are encouraged to apply.
  2. Working with major universities such as University of California-Berkeley, University of Vienna, Hamburg University, and Rangjung Yeshe Institute etc. to strengthen their translation studies programs.

While 84000 does not provide specific recommendations to translator training programs, we are pleased to provide a non-exhaustive listing of institutions that offer translation programs. Please note, however, that the offerings are often subject to change based on demand and resources, and we recommend you check directly with those institutions in which you are interested.

Resources for Translators

Despite the diverse geographical locations from which our translators work, 84000 is passionate about creating a community for these skilled and generous individuals.

We are currently piloting an online translators’ community that offers some unique features and tools, including a cumulative glossary, translation memory files that allow translators to see what others are doing in their translations, and a discussion forum. This private site, also includes sections for our editors and copyeditors, and is built to maximize collaborative effort.

If you translate for 84000 and would like to receive a password please contact us at Once you have a login follow this link to access 84000 Translator Tools.

We are also happy to share the following list of web resources that all translators may find useful.