Translator Training

Translator Training

Translator training is essential to ensuring that there is a continuous stream of proficient translators to fulfill the long-term (100-year) vision of 84000.

In order to support the work of 84000, Khyentse Foundation (KF) is actively working to train the next generation of Dharma translators:

  1. Establishment of the KF Translation Studies Scholarships to support students in advanced degree programs in translation studies and Buddhist philosophy with the express purpose of training Dharma translators for the future. All aspiring translators are encouraged to apply.
  2. Working with major universities such as University of California-Berkeley, University of Vienna, Hamburg University, and Rangjung Yeshe Institute etc. to strengthen their translation studies programs.

Translator Training Programs

While 84000 does not provide specific recommendations to translator training programs, we are pleased to provide a non-exhaustive listing of institutions that offer translation programs. Please note, however, that the offerings are often subject to change based on demand and resources, and we recommend you check directly with those institutions in which you are interested.