New Publication: The Mahāsūtra “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī”

84000 is excited to announce the first publication in our new series: Sūtras for Wellbeing

Toh 312

The Mahāsūtra “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī”

Invited to visit the city of Vaiśālī, which has been ravaged by a terrible epidemic, the Buddha instructs Ānanda to stand at the city’s gate and recite a proclamation, a long mantra, and some verses that powerfully evoke spiritual well-being. Ānanda does so, and the epidemic comes to an end. One of the mahāsūtras related to the literature of the Vinaya, this text, like other accounts of the incident, has traditionally been recited during times of personal or collective illness, bereavement, and other difficulties.

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The Mahāsūtra “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī”

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