New Publications: The Aparimitāyurjñāna Sūtra, The Essence of Aparimitāyus

84000 is pleased to announce three closely related publications:

Toh 674 / 849 and 675

The Aparimitāyurjñāna Sūtra (1) and (2)


The Buddha, while at the Jetavana monastery in Śrāvastī, tells Mañjuśrī of a buddha realm far above the world, in which lives the Buddha Aparimitāyurjñāna. He states that those who recite, write, hear, and so on, the praise of this buddha, or make offerings to this text, will have numerous benefits, including a long life and a good rebirth. As vast numbers of buddhas recite it, the mantra, or dhāraṇī, of this buddha is repeated numerous times.

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The Aparimitāyurjñāna Sūtra (1)
The Aparimitāyurjñāna Sūtra (2)

Toh 673a

The Essence of Aparimitāyus


This extremely brief text provides a mantra of the Buddha Aparimitāyus, thus seeming to confirm its existence as a mantra on its own as well as being part of the dhāraṇī contained in the most widely used version of The Aparimitāyurjñāna Sūtra.

Access this and other sūtras in the 84000 Reading Room:
The Essence of Aparimitāyus

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