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84000 translates all of the Buddha’s words into modern languages, and provides open and free access to over 230,000 pages, creating an essential new resource for primary-source scholarship, independent study, and personal practice.

25 years
Provide free access to a complete Kangyur in English
(70,000 pages)
100 years
Provide free access to a complete Tengyur in English
(161,800 pages)

What we do

Translate for Preservation

The great Dharma patrons of the past commissioned and facilitated the translation of the sūtra and śastra into contemporary languages. It is because of them that the world still has the 231,800 pages of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon. However, the world is on the brink of losing what is perhaps its largest collection of writings: In a race against the diminishing number of scholars with both proficiency in Classical Tibetan and the long and intense education traditionally needed to interpret these texts, our translations ensure that these gems of wisdom outlive the classical language in which they currently survive.

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Engage through Open Access

The scribes who carved these verses into stone and who touched pigment palm leaf manuscripts, and the pilgrim monks who risked their lives traversing mountain and desert, ensured that the Buddhadharma spread across nearly all of Asia. Today, working with modern technology we are innovating the ways in which these texts are read, studied, and disseminated. This means we provide readers free, global access to this wisdom with the support of engaging and interactive comprehension tools.

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The 84000 Story | #SaveWisdomNow

Narrated by Joanna Lumley, OBE, in celebration of 84000’s tenth anniversary, 2020

The 84000 Vision

Narrated by Russell Brand, 2014

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