84000 Turns 10!

With your support over the past decade, we are proud to be celebrating our tenth year of connecting the world with wisdom! Over the auspicious Saga Dawa month, we celebrated with you through a multitude of offerings, including teachings, video launches, and new publications, culminating in a twenty-four hour virtual recitation!

120 Texts Available and 50% of the Kangyur in Progress

This year we added sixty texts to our online Reading Room, raising the number of translations available for free to 120! Furthermore, our translation teams have already touched over 50% of the Kangyur, meaning that over 36,000 pages of the Kangyur are either in translation, awaiting publication, or are already available to you for free in our online Reading Room.


Fifty Texts Now Available

Our Reading Room, an online and interactive digital library of the Buddha’s words, sees its fiftieth publication added. Readers now have more access than ever to the sūtras, and as our collection of English-language translations grows, we hope to become a crucial resource for further academic study as well as for devoted practice.

University Partnership

We partnered with long-time collaborator, Rangjung Yeshe Institute, which offers courses in Buddhist philosophy and in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Nepali languages. Founded by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, the courses combine traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings with a modern Buddhist Studies perspective, and for which academic credits are widely accepted by the world’s top universities.


100th Grant Awarded

84000 awards its 100th grant to a translation team, totaling over $6 million awarded in grants thus far! Our grant-giving has allowed for the efficient, collaborative, and comprehensive translation of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon – the first such endeavor to begin in over 1,000 years.

New Reading Room Features

Our online Reading Room received a number of state-of-the-art upgrades, including an interactive trilingual glossary, source-text view, and multiple downloadable formats. We are committed to ensuring our readers can not only easily access the texts themselves, but more easily access the meanings of the words and teachings therein as well.


Launch of the Online Reading Room

Building on years of research and planning, this marks a significant step in how 84000 ensures readers like you have easy and intuitive access to our published translations of the sūtras, in one of the world’s most widely understood languages.



After three years of dedicated nurture and support from Khyentse Foundation, 84000 matures to become an independently registered 501c3 in the United States, with an independent board chaired by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


First Publications

The first iteration of our online Reading Room opens with eight English-language translations of texts from the General Sūtra section of the Kangyur, allowing our early supporters unprecedented access to the Buddha’s wisdom.

First Bodhgaya Resounding

Our signature activity is born at the place it all began! Since then, 84000 has held resounding events around the world and online, with as many as 5,000 participants.


New Name, New Look

Our name changes to 84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha, and graphic design icon Milton Glaser kindly offers us a new logo and a new look!


Buddhist Literary Heritage Project

A new project is born and incubated under the Khyentse Foundation umbrella to begin translating the Tibetan Buddhist Canon for future generations.

First Call for Grants

We receive 21 proposals of grant, and commission approximately 3,000 pages of the Kangyur for translation, marking the beginning of a one hundred year project!


Bir Conference

A historic conference brings together over 50 of world’s leading Tibetan Buddhist teachers, translators, academics, publishers, and patrons to discuss the preservation of Tibetan Buddhism.