84000 Reading Room

The 84000 Reading Room is an immersive online reading environment where anybody can have a direct encounter with the Words of the Buddha. Based on state of the art interactive web technologies, the Reading Room will present translations of the Words of the Buddha in a clear, beautiful, and easy to read format. Users who want to read offline can download the translation in PDF format, or share the translation with friends, colleagues or others. Whatever the format, the translation will maintain the beauty it has in the Reading Room, thereby preserving the intent and meaning of the translation.

The Reading Room will feature an integrated 3-language glossary in Tibetan, Sanskrit and English, linked to each translation. The glossary will help readers identify and evaluate key terms, person names and place names. Adjacent to the glossary will be a subject classification system that reveals the greater depth of subjects present in the Tibetan Buddhist canon.

The Reading Room is being developed in collaboration with the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC). It will be launched very soon, along with the publishing of the first batch of completed translations.

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