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84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha aims to translate all of the Buddha’s words into modern languages, and make them available to everyone.

Sponsor A Sutra is an opportunity to support the translation of a major text. Some of the long, important sutras require a sizeable amount of funding to ensure the translation continues through to completion. Your support is needed for the successful translation of these texts.

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Sponsorship opportunities are now available in sections of:
• 100 pages (US$25,000)
• 150 pages (US$37,500)
• 200 pages (US$50,000) or more.

All donations are considered unrestricted contributions, enabling 84000 to carry out their goals of translation and global access efficiently and effectively. Please note that per sutra suggested donation amounts are approximations only, and the actual cost may be greater or lesser when the overall costs of translation, editorial work, publication, and project management are taken into account.

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The funds will be used to cover the costs of translation, editorial work, publication, and project management. Please see “What It Takes To Produce A Page of Translation” to learn more about the many stages required for high quality translation.

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Anyone can make a sponsorship as an individual or family. Sponsorships can also be made in the name of a group (such as a company, sangha or temple), with the requirement that the group assigns a single contact person, and that one person will be designated as the sole recipient of any acknowledgement letters or gifts from 84000.

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In appreciation of your generous support, all the names and the dedication messages will be offered for prayers during the Dzongsar Monlam prayer festivals held biennially in Bodhgaya, India.

Texts Available for Sponsorship:

1. Sutras with Toh numbers in orange are Featured Texts.2. What the icons mean: To illustrate, the following means that a particular Sutra is open for either sponsorship either by a single US$250,000 contribution, or by 4 x US$50,000 contributions. For the latter option of 4 x US$50,000, 1 slot (in orange) has already been taken up, leaving a remainder of 3 (in blue):

Priority Texts
The sponsorship, translation, and publication of texts in this section are considered a priority for 84000.
Toh 160
(Already reserved for sponsorship)
The Sūtra of the Questions of Brahmaviśeṣacintin
In this sūtra, Buddha Śākyamuni and a number of bodhisattvas, elders and gods in the assembly have a lively exchange clarifying many key points of the Mahāyāna Dharma, including such topics as the four truths, the origin of cyclic existence, and the identity of the buddhas, while praising the qualities of the followers of the Mahāyāna, the bodhisattvas.

Sponsorship of 100 pages (US$25,000)
Toh 55
(Already reserved for sponsorship)
The Complete Effulgence of Light Teaching
Initiated by questions put by Candraprabhākumārabhūta, The Teaching on the Effulgence of Light comprises a series of teachings related to the lights emitted by awakened beings as the manifestation of their spiritual achievements. Amid the display of his miraculous powers, the Buddha describes the specific qualities associated with each of those lights, and he repeatedly emphasizes the fact that such lights are a natural expression of the insight into the emptiness of all phenomena. The sūtra is also concerned with other general themes such as the qualities required by followers of the Great Vehicle and the practice of generosity.
Toh 61
The Sūtra of Pūrṇa’s Questions
In Veṇuvana outside Rājagṛha, Pūrṇa Maitrāyaniputra asks the Buddha about the way bodhisattvas practice on the path to awakening. The Buddha replies by describing the attitudes that bodhisattvas must possess as well as their benefits. Then, at the request of Maudgalyāyana, the Buddha presents accounts of several of his past lives where he himself practiced bodhisattva conduct. At the end of the teaching, the Buddha instructs the assembly on how to deal with specific objections to his teachings that outsiders might raise after he himself has passed into nirvāṇa.
Toh 216
(Already reserved for sponsorship)
The Sūtra on Eliminating Ajātaśatru’s Remorse
This sūtra begins with a discussion between Mañjuśrī and his twenty five disciples. After giving a discourse, Mañjuśrī emanates a form of Buddha Śākyamuni so his bodhisattva students can discuss the Dharma with him. Later the Buddha summons Mañjuśrī. While instructing and testing Subhūti with a miracle, he gives Mañjuśrī an opportunity to demonstrate his superior wisdom. Eventually King Ajātaśatru comes to see the Buddha and shows his remorse for his evil deeds. The Buddha instructs the king to invite Mañjuśrī for alms. In the process of inviting him, they engage in a lengthy discussion. Throughout the entire night before traveling to see the king, Mañjuśrī instructs his many bodhisattva students on dhāraṇī, the nature of bodhisattva trainings, and the irreversible wheel of wisdom.
Toh 847 (2)
The Dhāraṇi of the Jewel Torch
Sponsorship of 150 pages (US$37,500)
Toh 1 (ch 2)
Monastic Discipline, Chapter 2: On the Rite of Restoration
Toh 51
The Teaching on the Armor Array
The Teaching of the Armor Array describes a dialogue between Buddha Śākyamuni and the bodhisattva Anantamati. The sūtra is primarily concerned with the great armor, a quality related to the perfection of diligence. As such, it is no conventional sort of diligence. Rather, donning it involves giving up all apprehension of phenomena and engaging diligently on the path with insight into the nature of phenomena. The Buddha and Anantamati also discuss the nature of the Great Vehicle and the great path, all the while emphasizing their emptiness and lack of marks.
Toh 138
The Great Collection Sūtra of The Incantations of Ratnaketu
The Ratnaketu Dhāraṇī is one of the core texts of the Mahāsannipāta collection of Mahāyāna sūtras that dates back to the formative period of the Mahāyāna canon, from the 1st to the 3rd century. It recounts the events from the life of Buddha Śākyamuni and some of his main followers and opponents, both human and non-human. It has a rich narrative and includes in its contents Dharma instructions, often woven into the stories from the past lives of the Buddha. It represents two distinctive sūtra genres, the vyākaraṇa and the dhāraṇī, as it includes, respectively, prophecies of the future attainment of buddhahood by some of the Buddha’s followers, and the magical formulae called dhāraṇī meant to ensure the survival of the Buddha’s teachings and the prosperity of practitioners.
Toh 148
The Questions of Gaganagañja
Toh 153
The Questions of the Nāga King Sāgara
In The Questions of Nāga King Sāgara, a miracle portends the coming of Nāga King Sāgara to Vulture Peak Mountain, near Rājagṛha. The nāga king engages in a lengthy dialogue with the Buddha about many topics straddling the dichotomy of relative and ultimate, all of which emphasize the primacy of insight into emptiness. The Buddha then journeys to King Sāgara’s home in the ocean and reveals details of the king’s past lives in order to introduce the inexhaustible casket dhāraṇī. In the ocean, he teaches on many topics and acts as peacemaker, addressing the ongoing conflicts between the gods and demigods, and the nāgas and garuḍas. Upon returning to Vulture Peak, the Buddha dialogues with King Ajātaśatru and provides Nāga King Sāgara’s prophecy.
Toh 175
The Sūtra of the Teaching of Akṣayamati
Sponsorship of 200 pages (US$50,000)
Toh 487-488
The Supreme
Toh 494
The Tantra of the Complete Enlightenment of Vairocana
Sponsorship of more than 200 pages
Explanation: represents no. of sponsorship opportunities available.
represents no. of sponsorship opportunities taken up.
Toh 99
The Precious Extensive Scripture on the Infinite Perfection of the Illustrious One’s Gnosis


The Buddha’s renowned disciple, the monk Pūrṇa Maitrāyaṇīputra, oversees the construction of a mansion
dedicated to the Buddha. When the project’s sponsor suggests that the building may be used by the Saṅgha
in the event of the Buddha’s absence, Pūrṇa argues that no-one but an omniscient buddha may rightly take
up residence there. Enumerating qualities that are unique to a buddha’s perfect awakening, Pūrṇa then delivers
a lengthy exposition that relates each of these qualities to the knowledge of the four truths. Following
Pūrṇa’s teaching, the sponsor invites the Buddha and his followers to the inauguration of the newly built
structure. They arrive, flying through the sky. On their return from the inauguration, the Buddha pauses
with his monks on the shores of the ocean where he receives the worship of the nāga kings. This serves as
prelude to the sūtra’s most voluminous section, spanning more than half of the scripture. Here the buddha
explains how specific events in his past lives contributed to his knowledge of the four truths, and how those
events ultimately served to accomplish the unfolding of his wisdom.


Toh 1 (ch 6)

Featured Text!
Monastic Discipline, Chapter 6: On Medicinal Materials

​Toh 369
Appendix to the Discourse Tantra


Toh 479
The Compendium of Realities


​Toh 257
The Sūtra of the Quintessence ​​of the Sun
The Quintessence Of the Sun is a long and heterogeneous sūtra containing eleven chapters. In the Kalandaka Bamboo Grove of Rājagṛha, the Buddha first explains to a great assembly gathered around him the severe consequences of stealing what has been offered to monks and the importance of protecting those who abide by the Dharma. The next section describes bodhisattvas sent from buddha realms in the four directions to bring dhāraṇīs to this world. While explaining those dhāraṇīs, the Buddha then presents various meditations on repulsivenessand instructions on the empty nature of phenomena. On the basis of another long narrative involving Māra and groups of nāgas, detailed teachings on astrology are also introduced, as well as a new dhāraṇi, and a list of sacred locations blessed by the presence of bodhisattvas.


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