A ‘Resounding’ is the term that 84000 uses to express an activity that emulates the traditional monastic practice of reading aloud the entire Kangyur. In the monastic practice, each participant of a group selects a sūtra or section of a sūtra and reads it aloud – until the entire Kangyur has been collectively read aloud. The 84000 version of this practice is the activity of collectively reading aloud translated sūtra(s) or sections of a sūtra that have been published in the 84000 Reading Room. The idea is to have as much of the sūtra(s) as possible read aloud by any number of people in the given amount of time. Reading the words of the Buddha aloud is said to benefit oneself and all those who can hear them. 

Very simply, the practice involves finding a sūtra, opening to any page of the body of the text, and reading it out loud. Practicing Buddhists may wish to state their intention through opening prayers and dedicate merit with closing prayers (see below), and/or insert a resounding into another form of practice. Ideally, the sūtras will be read in their entirety.

One can participate in a Resounding at any time in any place. 84000 Resoundings have taken place in many different places: under the Bodhi Tree and in other spiritually significant settings; in dharma centers, private homes, churches, retreat centers, and airplanes; and globally through social media and digital meeting platforms. Some may wish to resound on their own or do so ‘with’ others who may be resounding in other places.

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