Video Guide to the Reading Room

Our video guide takes readers on an extensive tour of the 84000 Reading Room, where discovering Buddhist philosophy is now more convenient than ever.

The reading room homepage highlights the most recent and featured translations, and maps the entire Kangyur by section. Each section has an icon with an image taken from the Kangyur that relates to its subject matter, and a number that indicates the number of completed translations. Clicking on a section opens up another part of the reading room where one finds not only titles (in English, Tibetan and Sanskrit) and descriptions of the completed translations, but also a list of the titles of all the texts in the section in the three languages, along with catalog information that identifies each text by its location in the Kangyur. In this way, reading room users can see what translations will be available in the future.

Clicking on a completed translation not only brings one to the translation itself, but also to a wealth of other information – the translator’s summary (which imparts readers with an overview of the context and content of the text), acknowledgments and catalog/copyright information, an introduction (which provides information about the origin of the text and its translation), notes, and bibliography. Among the handy, user-friendly features of the reading room are pop-up glossaries, which facilitate information retrieval at the click of a mouse.

To orient first-time readers in utilizing the reading room, 84000 presents a video guide hosted by Huang Jing Rui, 84000’s executive director, and Jeff Wallman, executive director of Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC) and chair of 84000’s technology committee. The video takes readers on a step-by-step tour of the reading room and its features.

The marriage of ancient wisdom and modern technology allows people from all walks of life––including teachers, students, scholars, researchers, historians, and anyone who is interested––to conveniently explore the words of the Buddha and study the source of Buddhist philosophy.

Read more about the latest and upcoming features available on the Reading Room.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2012