Teaching on Sūtra | The Stem Array offered by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

The big news just keeps on coming! The translation into English of a major sūtra, The Stem Array (Gandavyuha), is nearing completion and our Founding Chair, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, will be giving a live teaching on this magnificent and mind-bending sūtra almost as soon as it’s out! 

NOTE: This translation will be published on Lhabab Düchen and, until Rinpoche’s teaching, will be available exclusively on the 84000’s mobile app, for iOS and Android. You can register to receive the app download links as soon as they’re available at: 84000.co/mobile

The Stem Array tells the beautiful story of the young layman Sudhana’s quest for awakening through encounters with a variety of spiritual teachers, forms the forty-fifth and final chapter of the Buddhāvataṃsaka (A Multitude of Buddhas) Sūtra. This “chapter” concludes with the widely popular Zangchö Mönlam prayer, and the sūtra itself is perhaps most widely recognized as the inspiration for one of the greatest Buddhist monuments ever built: Borobudur in Indonesia. Over 500 of its carved panels illustrate this text.

To learn more about The Stem Array, read 84000’s interview with the translator, Peter Alan Roberts.

The recording of this event is now available:

The teaching, co-hosted by Siddhartha’s Intent and 84000, will be happening on:

Date and time:
October 30, 2021

New York | 9-11am
Berlin | 3-5pm
Singapore | 9-11pm

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Watch the livestream in English only.

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Watch the livestream in Chinese only.

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Webinar ID: 832 2492 1955
Join the live event with simultaneous translation into Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

If you don’t need translation, please kindly consider attending the teaching on YouTube.

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Posted: 22 Oct 2021