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2015 全球連線「經典迴響」

9 Dec 2015

2015年12月5日,八百多位來自32個不同城市和國家的人們,齊聚網路平台一同讀誦佛陀之語。 Read more »

Global Live Resounding 2015

9 Dec 2015

On December 5, 2015, over 800 people from 32 cities and countries connected online to recite the Words of the Buddha together. Read more »

Interview Questions for Editorial Team

27 Aug 2015

Two members of 84000’s editorial team, John Canti and Tom Tillemans, recently took time to answer questions about their work. Read more »

Insights from Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche

10 Aug 2015

Watch our interview with Rinpoche on the meaning of 84000, why sutras are important, and which sutra has most impacted his life. Read more »


28 Jun 2015

新版[crr]現已推出,請參考使用指南了解如何使用。 Read more »

Resounding under the Bodhi Tree

13 Dec 2014

Hear, view, read, and experience how it was like at the recent sūtra resounding in Bodhgaya. Read more »


7 Dec 2014

國際佛教大學委員會主席暨檀香寺住持唯悟法師日前接受84000的採訪,分享關於《大藏經》的由來、語系版本的比較,以及翻譯的價值和意義。 Read more »


29 Sep 2014

宗萨钦哲仁波切向84000的譯者们致敬,並强调正确发心的重要性。 Read more »

84000 Sutra Resounding led by HH Sakya Trizin

5 May 2014

HH Sakya Trizin talked about the importance of going beyond reverence to actually studying the Buddha’s words. Read more »


18 Apr 2014

譯者克里斯汀•伯奈特(Christian Bernert)分享翻譯《虛空藏經》時所遇到的挑戰,並表達對84000捐助者的謝意。 Read more »