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Delhi Symposium 2013

19 Dec 2013

A symposium was held in New Delhi to raise awareness on the value of the Buddha’s heritage in India. Read more »

A Credible Source of Buddha’s Words

19 Dec 2013

84000 works with a global community of scholars and translators to produce authentic translations. Read more »

Advice from the Tradition

18 Dec 2013

84000 hosted a three-day seminar with senior scholars from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Read more »

New Translation Studies Scholarship

1 Dec 2013

Khyentse Foundation offers a scholarship to support translator training in the field of Tibetan and Sanskrit canonical literature. Read more »

eNews 13

23 Oct 2013

84000 matures to independence, with steady progress on translations. Read more »

84000 Matures to Independence

16 Oct 2013

84000 has successfully established itself as an independent, global organization, with a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit status in the United States. Read more »

Mark the Date – Oct 27!

16 Sep 2013

Join us – on Oct 27, 2013 – at our very first symposium in Delhi, jointly organized by 84000 and Deer Park Institute (Siddhartha’s Intent India). Read more »

International Buddhist Confederation 2013

15 Sep 2013

84000 joins the 1st Founding Member’s Conclave of International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). Read more »

Presentation in Taiwan

15 Sep 2013

A presentation was made to 650 people attending Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s puja and teachings in Taiwan. Read more »

Visit to Buddhistdoor International

15 Sep 2013

84000 meets a warm reception at Buddhistdoor International. Read more »