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July 14, 2021 | Celebration of the Buddha’s Teachings

5 Jul 2021

On Chökor Düchen, Ven. Konchog Norbu will be exploring 84000’s recently published translation of The Chapter on Medicine, and will offer a distillation of the stories and teachings it contains with special emphasis on the unique and miraculous qualities of Śākyamuni Buddha; examples of the rare power of being in the presence of such a being and his teachings; and fascinating details about both medieval Indian spiritual and secular culture.
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June 19, 2021 | 84000 In Conversation: Immeasurable Life

9 Jun 2021

The first episode of our new 84000 In Conversation series is ‘Immeasurable Life,’ and will focus on an exploration of two recently translated texts from the Tibetan Buddhist Canon that have traditionally been recited for longevity. This new weekend series, hosted by 84000 associate editor, Joie Chen, will see special guests dropping in to share stories, histories, initiatives, and inspiration, to help us map the sūtras for modern life.
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New Postdoctoral Fellowships Offered by 84000

9 Apr 2021

Over the last ten years, many scholars around the world have contributed to the translations published by 84000. To further strengthen the opportunity for younger scholars to contribute to the project, 84000 is now offering two post-doctoral grants to work on translations of texts from the Kangyur.
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New Publication: The Questions of Śrīvasu

23 Sep 2021

In The Questions of Śrīvasu, the Buddha is approached by a young merchant named Śrīvasu, who requests instruction on how to live his life as a novice bodhisattva. Delighted by this request, the Buddha offers some pithy advice regarding the bodhisattva path that neatly summarizes the principal altruistic aims and practices of the Great Vehicle.
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New Publication: Distinctly Ascertaining the Meanings

2 Sep 2021

Distinctly Ascertaining the Meanings is a step-by-step contemplation of all facets of reality and freedom from suffering. It starts with the five aggregates that constitute the common basis of defilement and purification and goes through the teachings on selflessness, the path to realize selflessness, and the higher stages of realization, and it culminates in the special features that belong exclusively to a fully awakened buddha.
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August 28, 2021 | 84000 In Conversation: Studying Buddhism in the New Millennium

18 Aug 2021

Our second 84000 In Conversation episode is ‘Studying Buddhism in the New Millennium’ in which Joie Chen, will speak with Dr. Kate Hartmann (Assistant Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Wyoming, and Director of Buddhist Studies Online) and together they will explore the rewards and challenges of studying and teaching Buddhism in our world today.
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New Publication: The Gold Sūtra

12 Aug 2021

The Gold Sūtra presents a very brief but meaningful teaching on the mind of awakening, the aspiration to attain the unsurpassed and perfect awakening of a buddha for the benefit of all beings. It consists of the Buddha’s answer to a single question posed by Venerable Ānanda about how the mind of awakening should be viewed.
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Film Director Queena Li Speaks with 84000

11 Aug 2021

Film director Queena Li–creator of our tenth anniversary #SaveWisdomNow video–has just seen her debut feature premiere to widespread acclaim. Here, Queena shares with 84000 how her interest in exploring the mind has inspired her creativity, the role film can play in reminding audiences of the relevance of Buddhist wisdom today, and what offerings she finds most beautiful.

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Dr. Fumi Yao on Translating the Vinaya

11 Aug 2021

We sat down recently with Dr. Fumi Yao, the translator of “The Chapter on Medicines,” to learn more about how she came to specialize in the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya, what she has learned about the differences and similarities across various traditions’ Vinaya literature, and how broad the notion of “medicine” may have been in ancient India.
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