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While dwelling at Vulture Peak near Rāja­gṛha, the Buddha sets in motion‌ the most extensive of all sūtras—the Prajñā­pāramitā. Committed to writing around the start of the first millennium, these sūtras were expanded and contracted in the centuries that followed, eventually amounting to twenty-three volumes in the Tibetan Kangyur. Among them, The Transcendent Perfection of Wisdom in Ten Thousand Lines is a compact and coherent restatement of the long‌er versions, uniquely extant in Tibetan translation, without specific commentaries, and rarely studied. While the structure generally‌ follows that of the long‌er versions, chapters 1–2 conveniently summarize all three hundred and sixty-seven categories of phenomena, causal and fruitional attributes which the sūtra examines in the light‌ of wisdom or discriminative awareness. Chapter 31 and the final chapter 33 conclude with an appraisal of irreversible bodhisattvas, the pitfalls of rejecting this teaching, and the blessings that accrue from committing it to writing.

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The Transcendent Perfection of Wisdom in Ten Thousand Lines

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