New Publication: Distinguishing Phenomena and What is Meaningful

On the auspicious occasion of Chökor Düchen, 84000 is pleased to announce its newest publication:

Toh 247

There are two main themes in Distinguishing Phenomena and What Is Meaningful. One is in the narrative structure: Buddha Śākyamuni tells how, countless eons ago, in a world called Flower Origin, a buddha named Arisen from Flowers gave instructions to a royal family, and prophesied the awakening of the prince Ratnākara. Arisen from Flowers, Buddha Śākyamuni then relates, has since become the buddha Amitābha, and the prince Ratnākara the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. The other theme is doctrinal, and lies in the content of the teaching given by Arisen from Flowers: it explains the four mistakes made by ordinary beings in the way they perceive the five aggregates, and how bodhisattvas teach them how to clear away these misconceptions, so that they may be free of the sufferings that result.

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Distinguishing Phenomena and What is Meaningful

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