New Donation Levels

New Donation Levels

Photo: Frank Lee

Now that 84000 is a fully independent organization, we’ve made some changes to our donation page. We’ve re-structured our donation page by creating more levels of donation allowing for the participation of all people who are interested in supporting the translation of the Buddha’s words.

In addition to the “Sponsor a Page” option, there are now options to support the project at the “Word,” “Verse,” “Sentence” and “Half a Page” levels:

  • US$5 – Word
  • US$25 – Verse
  • US$50 – Sentence
  • US$125 – Half a Page
  • US$250 – Full page

While these new donations levels may appear to make the cost of translation very precise, the actual cost of translation involves much more than just the literal, word by word translation. To read more about what your donation will fund, read our accompanying article, The Cost of a Page.

To all our monthly donors, we wish to thank you for your continuous support. In the process of switching to a new, independent online processing system, we had to cancel your current recurring donations on your credit/debit card. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. After reviewing various options, we found that this was the best way to make the switch without compromising the safety of your credit card information.

We hope you will re-subscribe to monthly donations as soon as possible. Monthly donations play a pivotal role in providing us with a stable source of funding to ensure that translations continue to be produced and published, year after year. Please continue supporting us as a monthly donor by registering again on our new donation page.

To our friends in Singapore: this upgrade has solved the problem we had with PayPal. You are now able to make donations directly through the web submission form. Thank you for your patience!

84000 has made excellent progress in its first years because of your ongoing and generous contributions. We need your continuous support to sustain the current pace of translations. Please continue to help us to fulfill our mission to make the entire collection of the words of the Buddha available to the world.

Posted: 16 Mar 2014