Get Involved and Host a Resounding

84000 Orange-RESOUNDINGSIn order to encourage the reading and study of its translated sutras, 84000 has been hosting “resoundings” all over the world. By acquainting people with the Kangyur through resoundings, it is the hope that more and more people become inspired and moved by the wisdom and compassion expressed in the Buddhist teachings. As His Holiness Sakya Trizin said at a resounding in New York State in 2014, “We must study, we must take them out of the shelves, we must open and study and learn and use [the sutras] as textbooks, then [we] can gain the actual blessings.” For those interested in hosting a resounding of their own, 84000 has developed a simple and thorough toolkit for sanghas and organizers.

The toolkit explains, step by step, how to successfully plan a sutra resounding from start to finish. It is organized in seven simple steps:

  1. Right occasion for sutra resounding
  2. Event logistics and resource planning
  3. Sharing and publicizing the event
  4. Opening of sutra resounding
  5. Understanding the significance of sutra resounding
  6. Next is opening prayers and actual resounding
  7. Dedication of merits and closing speech

Within the guide are template materials to make planning easier: a schedule to ensure that the event stays on track, social media posts to help spread the word, and emcee talking points for the event itself. A resounding can include a group of less than five or more than five hundred, which makes it the perfect way to start sutra study in any community.

84000 encourages everyone to join communities across the globe to study and recite the sutras. “In the sutras, it is mentioned that by reading, contemplating, even just possessing the material—the sutra itself—creates favorable circumstances, situations, and creates causes and conditions, so that one’s deluded mind will get some sort of habituation to the path of the buddhadharma,” said Dzongsar Kheyntse Rinpoche at a resounding in Bodh Gaya in 2014.

For the full toolkit in PowerPoint format, please email Already hosted a resounding? Email to let 84000 know how it went and send photos from the event.

Posted: 16 Dec 2015