eNews 7

84000 eNews Issue 7 | December 2011

Dear Friend,

84000 has come to the end of the second year of its ambitious undertaking to translate all of the Words of the Buddha into the world’s major modern languages, in order to ensure their preservation as part of humanity’s rich and diverse religious, cultural and literary heritage.

“Translating the Words of the Buddha…”

–– A Milestone is Reached!

We are happy to report that we are on track with 10% of the Kangyur –– approximately 8,000 pages of the Words of the Buddha –– in the process of being translated into English.

We wish to gratefully acknowledge our 70 founding sponsors and 500 page sponsors. Without your support, this important milestone could not have been reached.

Our grants committee recently concluded its second round of evaluation of applications. Grants are being finalized that will result in another 3,500-4,000 pages of translation. We will announce the funded translators and newly commissioned translations in the very near future.

Information about the 60 funded translators and 49 works in progress from the first cycle can be found on our website.

The momentum is building! In our second grant round, we had 21 applications from Dharma groups and monasteries, and a growing number of university teams. We are delighted by this clear sign that the broader translation community is aware of 84000 and is becoming more and more involved.


…And Making Them Available to Everyone

–– An Exciting Preview!

Coming Soon: We plan to conduct the first live tour of the 84000 Reading Room, which is a free online reading environment, where the second part of our mission –– to make the Words of the Buddha available to everyone –– comes alive. The tour will herald the opening of the Reading Room with the online publication of two tantras and a handful of short sutras –– the first completed English language translations to be shared with the world by 84000.


Scholars, students of Buddhism and other Reading Room users will be able to:

  • Scan the sections and titles in English, Sanskrit and Tibetan of all 1,169 texts in the Kangyur, and get a sense of the fascinating range of topics that the Buddha spoke about 2,500 years ago.
  • View the 150-word summaries to get an overview of the translated texts.
  • Have a direct encounter with the Words of the Buddha in an undistracted online reading environment, or download the translation in PDF format to read offline.
  • Learn more about key terms, person names, and place names through the integrated glossary and subject classification system that are linked to each translation.

Follow us closely on Facebook for more information on the live tour, or indicate your interest by email. The tour will orient you to the Reading Rooms features and how to navigate them.

In the meantime, treat yourself to a video preview of the 84000 Reading Room.

The Reading Room is being developed in collaboration with the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (TBRC).

“The Buddha said that later in times of degeneration, he will appear as a teacher in the form of scriptures. The Words of the Buddha the scriptures––are deeply considered more precious than the image of the Buddha.”  

~ H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

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Introducing our new North America Fundraising Director

On December 1, 2011, Deborah (Debbi) McGlauflin started work as 84000’s North America Fundraising Director.

Debbi brings experience from a successful international nonprofit fundraising career, as well as a deep personal commitment to the Dharma as a student of Sogyal Rinpoche and active member of Rigpa. She works from her home office in Annapolis, Maryland, near Washington, DC.

Debbi is coordinating the effort to expand 84000’s outreach beyond Buddhist networks to globally and historically-minded individuals and institutions that are interested in religious, cultural and documentary heritage, and digital preservation. Email her anytime at deborah@84000.co to share your fundraising ideas.


Ancient Words for Modern Times

The words of the Buddha are the very heart of an ancient tradition that belongs to and merits preservation by and for all of humanity. While initial support for 84000 has come from within the Buddhist community, this is far, far more than a Buddhist project. It is an effort to prevent an entire library of texts about the science of mind and human ethics from being lost from the world forever.

These texts show nothing less than how to cultivate wisdom and compassion to achieve lasting peace and happiness. They are as relevant today as ever. We invite and welcome the support of anyone who wishes to help preserve this truly universal treasure.




【八萬四千 • 佛典傳譯】電子通訊 第七期 | 2011年 12月


在此謹向 70位創始贊助人500位佛經贊助者致以誠摯謝意!如果沒有各位的支持,這個重要里程碑無法達成。

84000資助委員會最近完成了第二輪的資助申請審批,資助確定後可以再增加 3,500-4,000頁的翻譯工作。第二輪資助的翻譯項目以及譯者名單於近期內公佈。


我們計畫不久後開放【八萬四千•佛典傳譯】閱讀室,進行首次線導覽。84000閱讀室為大家提供一個免費的網上閱讀空間,以便實現我們的第二個目標 -- 讓佛陀言教普世共享,流傳世間!此次導覽代表閱讀室的開幕儀式,並在網上發佈兩部密續及多部短篇經文。這將是【八萬四千•佛典傳譯】成立以來首次與世分享的英譯佛典。 
  • 以英文、梵文和藏文瀏覽《甘珠爾》中1,169部佛經的經題,親身體會佛陀2,500年前所談論種種引人入勝的主題。
  • 每部翻譯完成的佛典皆有150字摘要,提供經文內容梗概。
  • 在不受干擾的清靜環境中在線閱讀佛陀法語,或下載PDF線下閱讀。
  • 通過與譯作相連接的線上英、梵、藏三語辭彙表及主題分類系統,更深入了解經文中的關鍵辭彙、人名與地名。

84000閱讀室是與藏傳佛教資源中心 (TBRC)共同合作開發。
                              ~ 尊貴的嘎千仁波切
2011年 12月 1日, Deborah (Debbi) McGlauflin(黛比)正式
黛比正準備將【八萬四千•佛典傳譯】的範圍,從佛教組織擴展到世界各地對文化、歷史、宗教、記錄傳承、和數位保存有興趣的個人與機構。如欲分享有關募款的創意,請隨時與她聯繫: deborah@84000.co
其他:                info@84000.co



Posted: 27 Dec 2011