A Message from Our Founder

Rinpoche gives thanks to “all those supporters who consciously decided not to have that extra cup of coffee, and instead saved their money to translate half a page of Sutra.” Read more »

The Power of More

A group of Malaysian Buddhists have been contributing funds every year. Over six years, a total of 418 people have made donations, raising enough to sponsor 86 pages to date. Read more »

An Interview with Founding Sponsor Ding Nai-Chu

Ms. Ding Nai-Chu, one of the 108 Founding Sponsors, shares how she came to know about 84000 and why she supports its cause. Read more »

Translators as the “Eyes of the Universe”

Venerable Tulku Yeshi Gyatso Rinpoche shares his experience and thoughts on working with 84000 to translate sutras. Read more »

Meet A Donor: A Euro A Day

84000 donor Audouin shares how donating a Euro a day from his tips has added up to almost two pages. Thank you Audouin! Read more »

Thank You Sponsors

A big THANK YOU to our founding sponsors and sūtra sponsors for your generous support. Read more »

Inspiration from a Translator

Dr. Geshe Lozang Jamspal shares his thoughts on the translation process, his inspiration, and the importance of translating. Read more »

Reflections on Sūtra Resounding

Watch the video interviews of people who took part in the Lumbini resounding on December 6, 2014. Read more »

Bodhgaya Resounding: An on-the-ground Report

Rowan Sommerville shares his experience of attending a reading of a sutra in the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya. Read more »

Tribute to Our Translators

In a recent message to translators, Rinpoche paid tribute to our translators and emphasized on the importance of motivation. Read more »

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With the help of our 108 founding sponsors and thousands of individual donors, we provide funding to the translators who are working to safeguard these important teachings for future generations.

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