Humbled by an Offering

This morning, our Founding Chair, received a letter from a 94-year old Bhutanese that touches us deeply. On this Saga Dawa Düchen, we send our heartfelt thanks to Aum Tshering Zam for her generosity, and for inspiring us to continue connecting the world with wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings.
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Stories from You: Hasta Colman

The best gift we could receive on our birthday are stories of how our work has helped you! We’re touched by Hasta Colman’s inspiring reflection on how her own language-learning journey has mirrored 84000’s development over the past decade. Read more »

Gyurme Dorje 1950 – 2020

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing away of one of our most expert and productive translators, Dr. Gyurme Dorje. John Canti, our Editorial Co-Director, pays tribute to Gyurme’s life, personal qualities, and achievements as a prolific and dedicated translator. Read more »

From Reading the Torah to Translating the Sūtras

Watch our interview with self-described “east coast Jew,” Larry Mermelstein, who through a series of causes, conditions, and circumstances went from reading the Torah to translating the sūtras. Read more »

Stories of 84000: Mike Engle

Deeply involved for a long time in the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, Mike Engle has become one of the key figures working behind the scenes in 84000 since joining us formally in 2016. Read more »

Tom Tillemans in Conversation

Here, some of those who have worked most closely with Tom, pay tribute to his tenure, his contributions, and the incredible wealth of knowledge he has so generously shared with the world. Read more »

Taking over the Reins: Meet our new editor-in-chief, James Gentry

James Gentry joined 84000’s editorial committee in 2015, and this year sees him formally taking over the reins from outgoing editor-in-chief Tom Tillemans. Read more »

Tributes to Tom Tillemans

After almost ten years of service, Tom Tillemans, 84000’s outgoing editor-in-chief, pauses briefly to talk with us about his journey, ‘problems of thinking,’ revelatory philosophical arguments, and the importance of maintaining a balance in our unique, three-pronged approach. Read more »

Stories of 84000: Wang Lang

Lang Wang – fondly known as Twenty – shares the moving story that sparked her interest in supporting 84000’s vision. Read more »

Stories of 84000: Ushnisha Ng

Ushnisha Ng – fondly known as Ush – is a familiar face to many volunteers and supporters of 84000 and is now doing more than ever.  Read more »

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