In Depth

The Cost of a Page

9 Mar 2014

One of 84000’s most frequent questions is why a page costs US$250 USD to translate? Read more »

Featured Translation: “The Play in Full”

21 May 2013

Catherine Dalton shares about her experience working on an extensive account of the life and deeds of the Buddha, known as “The Play in Full.” Read more »

Featured Translation: “Purification of Karmic Obscurations”

15 Apr 2013

Learn about how the Buddha deals with the violation of moral ethics in this featured translation. Read more »

A Brief History of Buddhist Canons

6 Dec 2012

Have questions about Buddhist canons and the history of their development? Learn more from John Canti and Peter Skilling. Read more »

Kangyur Resounding: From East To West

21 Sep 2012

Learn about the significance of Kangyur resounding, and how this traditional practice is now being continued in the West. Read more »