New Publication: The Great Rumble

13 Oct 2022

The Buddha’s disciple Ānanda is on an alms round in Śrāvastī when he notices an immaculate palace. He wonders whether it would be more meritorious to offer such a palace to the monastic community or to enshrine a relic of the Buddha within a small stūpa.
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New Publication: The Sūtra of Vasiṣṭha

29 Sep 2022

While residing in Nyagrodha Park in Kapilavastu, the Buddha meets an emaciated, long-haired brahmin named Vasiṣṭha. When the Buddha asks Vasiṣṭha why he looks this way, Vasiṣṭha explains that it is because he is observing a month-long fast. The Buddha then asks him if he maintains the eightfold observance of the noble ones, prompting an exchange between the two about what the eightfold observance entails and how much merit is to be gained by maintaining it.
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New Publication: Pure Sustenance of Food

15 Sep 2022

While the Buddha is staying at the Bamboo Grove with a diverse retinue, the monk Maudgalyāyana asks him about some unusual beings he saw during an alms round. The Buddha informs Maudgalyāyana that these beings are starving spirits. The Buddha gives a discourse explaining how these starving spirits were once humans yet committed misdeeds related to food that led them to their current dismal state.
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New Publication: The Quintessence of the Sun

1 Sep 2022

The Quintessence of the Sun is a long and heterogeneous sūtra in eleven chapters. At the Veṇuvana in the Kalandakanivāpa on the outskirts of Rājagṛha, the Buddha Śākyamuni first explains to a great assembly the severe consequences of stealing what has been offered to monks and the importance of protecting those who abide by the Dharma. The next section tells of bodhisattvas sent from buddha realms in the four directions to bring various dhāraṇīs as a way of protecting and benefitting this world.
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Celebrating The Heart Sūtra

31 Aug 2022

This year 84000 published an English translation of The Perfection of Wisdom, marking the availability of 25 percent of the Kangyur in English. In June, our Founding Chair Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche offered a beautiful introduction to the sūtra, and we …
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Teachings on Sūtra | Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

23 Jul 2022

We invite you to join us live on Monday, August 1, with the well-respected teacher, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche who will teach 84000’s publication of The Sūtra of the Wheel of Dharma, on this special occasion of Chökor Düchen.
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New Publication: The Teaching on the Effulgence of Light

14 Jul 2022

The Teaching on the Effulgence of Light consists of a series of teachings related to the lights emitted by awakened beings as manifestations of their spiritual achievements. Amid the display of his miraculous powers, the Buddha describes the specific qualities with which each of those lights is associated, and he repeatedly emphasizes the fact that such lights are a natural expression of the insight into the emptiness of all phenomena.
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