New Publication: The Questions of Brahma­viśeṣacintin

22 Apr 2021

The Questions of Brahma­viśeṣacintin is an important Mahāyāna sūtra that enjoyed significant popularity in Buddhist India, China, and Tibet over the centuries. The teaching itself takes the form of a lively discussion blending practical and theoretical strands of Mahāyāna and emphasizes how bodhisattvas should practice the Dharma—a training that transcends both the mundane and the supramundane.
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New Postdoctoral Fellowships Offered by 84000

9 Apr 2021

Over the last ten years, many scholars around the world have contributed to the translations published by 84000. To further strengthen the opportunity for younger scholars to contribute to the project, 84000 is now offering two post-doctoral grants to work on translations of texts from the Kangyur.
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